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  1. @Bo (ABRP) There's reports that Tesla Superchargers in Europe aren't doing more than 120KW at the moment ( https://insideevs.com/news/437810/tesla-limiting-supercharging-120-kw-europe/ ) - I was curious if this is visible in ABRP data?
  2. Not only the speed, you're also driving up 1200m in altitude. Note that the reverse journey uses a lot less.
  3. With the desktop/browser version of ABRP: In the route plan, click the Settings icon next to the charging stop you want to modify. On the "Charge here..." line, click the {FOR} button to change it to {TO}. Replace the SOC percentage after the {TO} button with the charge level you want to charge to. Click the {DONE} button, it should re-plan the route.
  4. caf

    Live data chart legend?

    The grey chart in the background is the elevation of the route above sea level.
  5. Would it be possible to add zoom in/out buttons to the new webapp? I tend to use it on a laptop without a scroll wheel. (Hitting the + key seems to zoom it in a lot more than you'd normally want as well, so using the keys I have to hit + once, then - a few times to get to where I want it).
  6. @chuq The Dan Murphy's charger at Batemans Bay seems to be operational now - there's a successful check-in on Plugshare and it is in the Chargefox app now (so probably should be listed on the Chargefox network rather than None.
  7. @chuq it seems to be back now, for whatever reason.
  8. Yes there's recent reviews on Plugshare saying the Dan Murphy's site isn't working yet. I actually submitted the NRMA site to OCM before I thought about looking at your spreadsheet, it's not in there yet though.
  9. I noticed today that the Batemans Bay site which is listed in @chuq's spreadsheet isn't in ABRP anymore either. Could it be the default filter that's set (filtering to TAS only) on the spreadsheet that's confusing the import?
  10. Description: The planned route disappears from the map, and you have to click "Plan Route" to see it again. Link to Plan: Doesn't seem to be specific to any one plan Replication Steps: Plan a route. Switch tabs away from ABRP and switch back (it also seems to happen after some amount of time if you just wait). After a moment the route will disappear and the map will recentre. When the route disappears, the Javascript console displays the messages "New settings found, applying." and "About ver 25 screen width 1557".
  11. caf

    Under sea tunnels

    The (negative) elevation of the tunnels could be added in openstreetmap using the ele key. I don't know if ABRP looks at that yet but it would seem like a possible enhancement? .
  12. @Jason (ABRP) Ahh great, thanks. I believe I found the reason for the optimistic plans above too - there was a 15km section where with an assumed speed limit of 50km/h but the actual speed limit is 100km/h. I've fixed this in OSM so I'll see how it looks after ABRP does its next map refresh!
  13. Oops, I put some feedback comparing plans with actual use in a new thread, sorry I guess it should have gone here!
  14. Some comparisons of actual consumption versus driving the plan in a Model 3 Standard Range Plus from the weekend: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=d9564f61-cb89-448f-90f6-47dccc63cc75 (Plan says 35%, actual arrival SOC was 30%) https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=faf568fb-4cbf-4035-ab02-6a433f8b9848 (Plan says 37%, actual arrival SOC was 28%). What is the baseline for the "extra weight" - one driver, no luggage?
  15. @chuq Thanks, looks great! I have some 50KW updates for your sheet if you want: The site at 4 Knowles Place, Canberra is in the ActewAGL network (you have it listed but as "none"). There is a 50KW site in the ActewAGL network at Anketell St & Oakden St, Greenway ACT 2900 (-35.422750, 149.072389) with 1xCHAdeMO, 1xCCS1 There is a 50KW site in the ActewAGL network at 1 Rogan St, Canberra ACT 2609 (-35.309310, 149.187787) with 1xCHAdeMO, 1xCCS1 Yes, weirdly they have one site with CCS2 and two sites with CCS1.

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