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  1. Maps are not loading for me as of January 1, 2020 using Safari on iPad, latest iPad OS 13.x. Refresh does not help.
  2. Description: I'd like an option that allows me to specify that I'd like to charge to a given percentage at a charging stop. Use Case: If a given route is having me charge to between 68% to 76% to reach my next charger at my minimum charge level, why not say that i want to charge to 80% at each stop? Since that's the way my charger operates (set a charge limit), this should also make planning the stop time more predictable rather than having to monitor the charge percentage to ensure that I'm departing "on time" per ABRP's plan. The car will tell me how long it will take to get to 80%, but the time estimate for a stop to reach an arbitrary percentage is rarely accurate (temperature variations, varying charge rate given local conditions, etc). Further, the car will charge to 80% quickly, but more slowly afterwards.

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