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  1. it will be more difficult, if you receive answer with a lot of more data 😉
  2. Hi Steve, BMW does not using "normaly" AT commands via OBD; there are a lot of special commands to use in the beginning of conservation with the car. Only a BT adapter works, especially the vgate
  3. be aware that you have to change parts of the init sequence for each control unit if you want to read out its data
  4. Hello, I was able to narrow down and reproduce the app crash, which I reported to you. If the OBD app electrified does NOT send a location, your app crashes while editing the vehicle data. If I activate the location and it is sent to ABRP, the car data is displayed and can be edited. So can you please add an option if you want to use the location of the app or the car?
  5. nein, weil der Flowcontrol Befehl ins leere läuft; netter Versuch rs38. Für Dich ist das doch ein Kinderspiel, wofür andere "Monate Forschungsarbeit" betrieben haben 😉 BTW; die Sequenz kommt aus dem Syndikat Forum
  6. i have not been able to persuade Torque to send me live data with the right sequence But very soon there will be an app (first for Android) which will allow you to get live data via OBD dongle
  7. no link, you have to collect them (over 2000 lines). if you use Ediabas, you hae to know the names of the ECU and than collect the PID. But the PID list isn't worth much. The initialization sequence to talk to the car via OBD is the key
  8. State of Charge Grenzwerte Auslesen und Ändern der SOC Grenzen Auslesen SOC Wert (in %) und Plausibilität oder Vorgabe des SOC Werts (0-100%) aktueller Anzeige Soc minimale und maximale Einzelzellspannungen werden ausgegeben Batteriespannung hinter den Schützen, unabhängig vom Schützzustand Stromgrenzen Spannungsgrenzen Die kumulierte Ladung für Ladevorgänge in Ah HV-Strom in A Auslesen Temperaturen Bestimmung der Kapazität PID-List is here, the above are examples what we can read now (and a lot more)
  9. Hi, I'm also sitting with an app developer on the problem of communication. We are at least ready to send commands to the OBD connector via BT-Terminal. It requires an initialization process to get the "right" answers. The next step is to determine the PID and place it in the right context. DeepOBD didn't work properly for me either and the information I could get there was very scarce. A "possible" PID list I read from tool32, if it's the PID's. I would be very happy if others would also participate in the "decoding". Because live data in ABRP would be ingenious, but also for other purposes, which I plan, meaningful and important.
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