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  1. If I try to run ABRP in landscape on my Android tablet this is what I get: Description: Replace this text As you can see, the map is centred on the middle of the screen, but on this tablet the charge chart takes up almost half of the screen. Would it be possble to notice that the chart etc are open like this and move the current car position to the middle of the part that is visible? Would work so much better. Other options might be a more formal split screen with the journey data on the left and the map on the right. Thanks, Steve
  2. Hi, I'm making reasonable progress in understanding the i3 PIDs with help from the decompiled .PRG files from inside Deep OBD and by looking at Bluetooth traces in Wireshark. 22 D1 07: Returns current speed (STAT_GESCHWINDIGKEIT_WERT - Speed Value) 22 DD BC: Returns state of charge (22 DD C4 also state of charge - one is the displayed one and the other I think is the absolute SOC) 22 63 35: Returns 2 part reply - second part (the 607 F1 21 part) contains the battery State of Health in percent 22 DD 68: Returns high voltage battery voltage in 1/100th of a volt (DD B4 se
  3. No - The crashes were with navigating using the app The issue with exporting to Excel was a different problem.
  4. Hi @Fridgeir, Yes - I see that in the prg files there are "jobs" defined which are in the file in "BEST/1" - the decompiler renders them in assembler. From reading around this code is apparently compiled from BEST/2 code that I don't have of course. What I see is that many pids are read using a job STATUS_LESEN, commented "Reading one or more statuses". So this is the simple case that I've been looking at. I took a quick look at the job SVK_LESEN - it's defined with some assembler code which I find is code in something called BEST/1. It's compiled BEST/2 apparently though I
  5. OK - a first pass to unravel Deep OBD. ArgString: 'ARG;HV_SPANNUNG_BATTERIE' executeJob('sme_i1.prg'): 'STATUS_LESEN' (Send): 83 07 F1 22 DD B4 2E Send SF ELM send SPACE ELM data mode terminated ELM CAN send: '070322DDB4000000' ELM CAN rec: '607F1037F2278' Rec SF Received length: 3 (Resp): 83 F1 07 7F 22 78 94 NR78(07) added ELM CAN rec: '607F10562DDB49CF1' Rec SF Received length: 5 (Resp): 85 F1 07 62 DD B4 9C F1 FD NR78(07) removed Deep ODB contains a sme_i1.prg file (amongst others for other ECUs). I passed it through a "decompiler" called BESTDIS that I found which turned it
  6. Looks like VGATE OBD / Bluetooth adapter has ELM327 https://www.elmelectronics.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/ELM327DSF.pdf Or maybe it is just a reimplementation since ads for the VGATE iCar2 says it has an ARM processor? There is lots of info in the data sheet that I still need to read. I also grabbed the initialisation commands from Deep OBD's log: Date: 2020-11-07 13:03:00 ArgString: 'SVK_AKTUELL' executeJob('sme_i1.prg'): 'SVK_LESEN' executeJob('sme_i1.prg'): 'INITIALISIERUNG' Device connected: True ELM CMD send: 'ATD' - factory def
  7. No- my decoding of AT SH 6F1 and the AT CF / AT SF isn't right. I'm just trying to understand properly how those 11 bits are laid out to see that 6F1 means and the 6xx filter.
  8. So as I understand it Electrified and other OBD2 apps are talking using serial over bluetooth to the LM327 in the adapter, and it is the LM327 that is making the OBD2 requests and reading replies. LM327 datasheet is here: https://pdf1.alldatasheet.com/datasheet-pdf/view/197403/ELM/ELM327.html (amongst other places). Hilariously they reached to the 80s for inspiration and use Hayes "AT" command approach. These are to configure the LM327 and are not passed over to the OBD2 interface. With reference to the data sheet the init string proposed decodes as follows: AT D
  9. No, I can't access "My Drives" from Canary - it doesn't find them. I was using Firefox. I think it has to do with a stale token for the API and logging out and in again seems to sort it out. Steve
  10. Hi, I'm using ABRP Android in my i3 along with the Electrified app for live info. I used it now for a trip of about 130 kms. How does ABRP know my trip has ended? Can I tell it "I've arrived" and have it stop? As you can see here there is 20 minutes of "stationary" at the end of the trip in "My trips". This messes up the stats - average speed and the like. My i3 leaves the ODB2 power on for a while and Electrified was running so I suppose this is the root - do I have to kill Electrified to stop it report in? Thanks, Elbow
  11. For your convenience the english text "Table" is included below the icon 🤣
  12. Hi, Does anyone know where there is discussion about the Android Electrified app in English? This is the app that allows live data to be fed to ABRP? I'm trying to get it working such that my trips are logged to ABRP without me having to make manual intervention. But the i3 shuts down the OBD2 port a while after the car is shut down. At that point Electrified throws up a dialog "Not able to communicate with the car". As far as I can tell that's the end of the story until you tap ok and reconnect. For me it would be great if the app would attempt to reconnect by itself.
  13. Hi, I planned a route and started navigation. I went off the route to stop at a shop - when I came back to the car I hit replan and the app crashed. Reopened it - the destination was still there. But go and the app crashed. Rinse and repeat until I gave up and used Waze. I want to use ABRP on an upcoming long trip (and subscribed for premium) - but I won't be able to do that if its all crashy. Thanks, Steve
  14. Description: Repeatable IOS app crashes every time I tried to start navigation to a destination Type: IOS 4.0.25. I had started navigation and then stopped at the shops. As I got back in the car I think I hit replan and ABRP crashed. I then restarted it - the destination was still there. I hit the navigate button and ABRP crashed again. Repeated same 3 or 4 times and gave up and switched to Waze. I was using one Android phone with Electricified to push data to ABRP, and my iPhone I was intending to navigate with My trip is on ABRP anyway s
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