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  1. Apologies if this information is already available. If so, please point me to it. I bought an OBD-II to Bluetooth dongle that is able to do rapid readings and I have configured Torque Pro to send updates to the abrp webserver. This all works fine as far as I can tell. Still having issues with the 2019 Bolt's SOH reading but I'm working on it 🙂 My question is: what are the Best Practices for using Live Data? What is the suggested OBD-II to webserver refresh rate? once per second? per 30 seconds? Is it useful to enter road conditions, wind condition estimates and extra weight with live data? Thanks, Daniel
  2. I'm using Firefox on Android 9 and I'm getting the same behaviour. I tried clearing various things, deleting the website wrapper and it keeps on asking me to accept a reload for the new version.
  3. Got one down... Drove it all the way down to flashing orange "Low" display (Torque Pro said something like 7.8% SOC raw). Car display said I used 60.4KWh since last charge! It's currently being charged back up to 100% I'll try to do it again ASAP. Hope it will "wake up" that PID...
  4. On tall, 15" winter tires, it'll be exciting for sure! 😉
  5. I'm on it! I usually don't drive that far so it might take a few weeks. I will report back here once it's conclusive. Daniel
  6. Jason, I have one and I'm also a computer programmer so If I can do anything to help, please ask! Daniel
  7. I'm having the same issue on my 2019 Bolt. I read on Reddit that the car needs a few discharges below 10% followed by full recharges to 100% to "wake up" this PID. I don't know if it's true, but since my car is not even 2 months old and has a little over 3000km on the odo and I've never gone lower than about 25% charge yet and only charged to 100% a couple of times, my experience to date seems to be compatible with that theory... even if not very conclusive. I guess I'll need to push it a little more to find out. Can anybody prove this theory wrong?

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