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  1. Description: Regarding the price of the Ionity network in France it's different, we have since June a recharge based on time and not on KW/H, so it's well 0,79€ but each minute Use Case: if you think it's easier, maybe just change the calculation just for Ionity Station based in France. Thanks!
  2. I changed recently my Kona 64kw for A model 3 AWD LR Aero, and i did last week my first long trip (2500km) , Simulation on ABRP was very precise and strangely i found a big difference with one which was pessimistic No Wind, Dry road and temperature around 20 degrees, 135km/h when it was possible , i arrived with 25% when ABPR was calculating i arrived at 10% Last week it was i think a previous version of ABPR because my simulation was expecting i Charge up to 86% instead of 81% today on the screenshot but anyway the difference is still big Can you check what could be the c
  3. Except I forgot to tell you I m on Android. And i use chrome
  4. This week end I have driven 900km with my kona with 99% of highway Weather was changing a lot of. But recalculation applied a 167wh/100km Front wind during 350km at 50km/h And the rest front/west at 25km/h Most of the time my speed was 123km/h (from GPS) Rain during half time, here abetterrouteplanner was a little bit optimistic. And even when road was wet consumption was higher than expected
  5. I found this issue, when I create shortcut from the Version 3.7 and then I close chrome and run abetterrouteplaner from the shortcut then I have the version 3.6. and it request to update I tried to clear history and site data from chrome but still same issue
  6. I just retried , I closed chrome on my phone then restarted it and browsed abetterrouteplaner.com then I get another ID. Login is well done automatically to my account and live data is green too but as the id is not sticked I don t thinking it will work . How do you generate id?
  7. Bah still another ID ,video just started abetterrouteplaner from my shortcut then I just had the message the new versions is available and I pressed yes to update and just get another ID.
  8. But maybe it s because of my configuration. I have a phone plugged to my car on which I have torque pro and I have abetterrouteplaner on my other phone I own in my pocket.
  9. Jason the token seems to not move anymore But still not live data on abetterrouteplaner Check:
  10. Thanks Jason. But I have a Hyundai Kona EV not a Tesla.
  11. Impossible to get live data with last Version of abetterrouteplaner with Kona ev. Sad tomorrow I have a very long trip... The token set as email in torque is changing everytime I open abetterrouteplaner with a new browser instance and if I use the shortcut from my Android phone then abetterrouteplaner ask me to update everytime .. The best result I had is a red message saying the unit (obd) must be switched off and the ask to unplug it and switch on another time . While on torque I have well all info in real-time.
  12. Yep i confirm it works great now. I checked a 400km trip (go and back) and abetterrouteplaner was very usefull even when charging on Ionity networks 😀 It's great to be able to see the charge level in Realtime when charging and when driving to see the simulated and the real battery level thanks
  13. Just tried to replace the pid by the one you have given: Ea9e51 and still no temperature displayed. Something is wrong.
  14. HI Jason If would be cool to activate temperature to get more accuracy result especially when today the weather is cold in the morning and more than 10degrees celcius in the afternoon. For a long trip it would be very important I suppose. On my side temperature is not displayed on live data screen of abetterrouteplanner
  15. hi all i used recently ABRP with my Kona64 to drive a 860km distance, and i just discovered the connection with Torque pro which should be a great feature. I followed instructions available into the Ioniq thread, but it seems nothing is send to the cloud. i have verified on ABRP directly in settings but data are not displayed. Torque is well reading data. now my question is the URL set to Torque should be this one: http://abetterrouteplanner.com:4441/kona64 ? and the email i used to login to ABRP is well the same i set into torque from the push data menu. Is there any
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