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  1. Hi, As I told you I drove near 200kms last friday. I did my 25-30km loop 4 times (I added 1 loop at 130km/h with heating on, all other loops were with climate control totally off) I was thinking to myself that the french e-soul didn't have any heat pump and this might corrupt a little bit the datas I sent you. I was wondering if you get the detail of the car consuption (motor/climate control/electronics/battery care) as I can see it on my car main display ...
  2. Hi, I knew the Soul 64 had the same drivechain than the Kona and Niro 😉 that's why I tried these seetings !!! I went for the Torque solution as you telled me to and it seems that all is working, but I have some questions : Is the recording working even when the app isn't launched or ABRP open on the android device ? I'm asking because as soon as I plug the OBD adapter in I get a notification that Torque is sending datas. I had the system working for some minutes while my car was charging, can you see if you got some datas ? If yes can you confirm me that it's ok ? I'm asking because tomorrow I wanted to do some tests with the car and so you may get some interesting datas !!!! I'm planning to do a 30km loop three times on highway, one at 90km/h, one at 110km/h and one at 130km/h ... are there some other tests that would be useful for you ? Another strange thing, while I was charging the report on ABRP website showed "No" in the charging square ... Thanks for answers !!!
  3. Hi, I got my e-soul (soul EV 2020 for you, yes i'm in France 😉 64kW 3 weeks ago and I would like to help you on some of my trips and daily routes ... So I bought an Obdlink and got all these things to work ... To link the datas from OBD to ABRP I use Ev notify but Ev notify doesn't have a working e-soul profile. The soul EV profile doesn't work because I think it's intended to be used with the "old" soul EV. Ev notify only works with Kona EV or Niro EV profile selected so I don't know if you will get the good car from my live reports as it shows kona64 or niro64 in the ABRP live status. I didnt find a way to setup my car without using a planned route and I don't know if this is even linked with the datas I will send in this case !!!! Can you please tell me what I should do in order that you get the right car for the datas I will send you. Thanks in advance for answer an sorry for my english !!!

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