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  1. @Jason (ABRP) Can you please close this thread? It's a duplicate of another thread, I didn't see it before I posted. It resolved for me by doing a shift-refresh on December 24, and I had two successful trip routings with ABRP on either side of New Years.
  2. EVNotify's hardware Amazon links are broken now, at least for me in the USA: https://github.com/EVNotify/EVNotify/wiki/Compatibility After a trip yesterday, I'm not really a fan of EVNotify on iOS and I think I'm going to buy an Android. See my comments here:
  3. I can't edit my post but I would like to add that the dongle powers off after some amount of time under iOS - maybe 30min - which requires you to disconnect/reconnect the dongle. And the EVNotify app pauses every few minutes as well. I think I am going to buy an Android phone (Moto5 is about $50 on Amazon) and tether that to my iPhone.
  4. I imagine it is conditions, that's the only thing that makes sense. The charging cost is a problem but that is a bigger problem - it's because EA is ripping off drivers. My car maxed at 67kW across the three below charges, but I am charged as if I am in the 75-125kW range. Solution: write your congresspeople, get them to do what California just passed - I am writing to my reps this week. I logged with EVnotify last night, but the dang thing kept disconnecting (crappy OBD2 adapter? limited to one option because iOS :() and I wasn't paying close attention to it, so there are lots of holes in the data. I am quite happy with the consumption estimate today. Without having logs to compare to ABRP's plan (and I'd need the planned MPH in CSV format), I think I sped a little more than I told ABRP I would - but I know there were also points where I was at or under the expected speed because humans suck at getting out of my way (I'm only trying for 5 over, it shouldn't be that hard!!). I am glad ABRP was slightly pessimistic and still quite close, it is reassuring for planning purposes (or "range anxiety" which I've never had because of ABRP!). Planned - https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=479a908e-e90d-45bc-bdc5-b3459b80cdb6 Actual:
  5. iOS 13.3, iPhone SE, ABRP 3.9.0 App set to use Units=Imperial. On Trip Overview screen, the overall distance is reported as KM while each leg is MI.
  6. I am using the Vgate iCar Pro with my iPhone and the EVNotify app. I set it up on my work provided iPhone 11Pro which doesn't leave the car when I'm on roadtrips, it just moves between the wireless charger and center console when I go into a store. Idea there was it would remain connected to the car while I go into stores during charging, leading to less PITA and more accurate charing data. The ABRP app doesn't appear to connect to Bluetooth. It's also rather buggy on both my iPhone 11Pro and SE, running 13.3 on each. Clicking Settings crashes the app until you click the ABRP logo and then Login. That is really intuitive... I'm also not a fan of the UI/UX, bu that is another discussion.
  7. @Jason (ABRP) do you have any thoughts on the massive charging curve variances between actual and ABRP for the Ioniq? I noticed it on my return trip as well. I have to manually set the KW for a given charge station to somewhere between 40 and 50kW to make it mirror what actually occurs. It's like ABRP is using the max acceptance rate for the Ioniq from 0 to 100%, when it really should ramp up and then taper down at ~78%~82%, and then shut off at 94% per ABRP data posted in the blog last month.
  8. This fixed my issue in Chrome, good call. I forgot about doing that, embarrassing! It took a different key config in Safari but it also resolved it.
  9. Same issue for me on MacOS using Chrome 78.0.3904.108, Chrome 79.0.3945.88, and Safari 13.0.4 (15608. Works fine on iOS (Safari and Chrome...don't feel like checking version). Works fine on Windows using Chrome 79.0.3945.88.
  10. Hi Mike, The EA prices are different than actual (signing up for "membership" pays for itself in one 16min charge in OR/WA) weren't dramatically incorrect, but the charge time was way off. I wish ABRP staff would help explain it... 1st "8min" charge would be (1 + (0.69 * 8)) = $6.52, actual charge time was almost double, 14:37. 2nd "14min" charge would be (1 + (0.69 * 14)) = $10.66, actual time was 18:38. I noticed today that the EA prices have dramatically shifted and EVgo prices went away when I went to plot a route. I think the ABRP folks are working on fixing pricing but I have no idea, it's just a guess.
  11. I logged on to plan a trip today and the ABRP map was gone. It shows the route and all of the charging stations, but no map itself. Troubleshooting included trying a different computer, using a VPN in case something in ABRP was being blocked by my hardware firewall (never a problem before), turned off uBlock Origin, and tried browsers. Using the "new" ABRP works fine - except I don't know how to set charge limits per waypoint with that, and I can't reorder waypoints if I make mistakes... I find it very clunky (pre-beta UI quality). Trip link: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=5183e148-22c3-4678-a771-c065e8442780 Pricing: EVgo prices are no longer showing at all. Electrify America price logic seems to have been changed to use what ABRP thinks they should be based on what the cars actually pull, which makes sense, except EA charges fixed prices, not actual consumption. Hyundai Kona and Ioniq charge in the 60 to low 70 kW range but EA charges as if they pull up to 125kW.
  12. Hi, I charged at Electrify America stations on a recent trip and the charge time listed by ABRP was substantially lower, making me think the charging curve in ABRP is incorrect. I sadly do not have vehicle data to compare to - I will for my next trip at the end of December - but I can compare between EA and ABRP. Is this a problem others have experienced? I also had to tweak my mi/kWh setting up a bit (4.70 vs 4.50) to make the arrival %'s match, but I assume that is a driving conditions thing more than anything else - traffic wasn't constant, so while I spent a good amount of the trip at +10MPH of speed limit, there was also a good amount of the trip under the speed limit or in stop and go. Plan link: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=18d85cd2-eff5-4345-9ca2-3ece1ecd4fbe Spreadsheet of actuals vs ABRP Time:
  13. Agreed. Everyone should provide feedback to EA.
  14. I have a USDM 2019 EV Limited and I am able to get in using the 5+1 tap method on the System Info -> SW Info screen. However, I don't have a menu for "All Applications" or "Android Settings". Any ideas? I am hoping to install ABRP if I can figure out how to get into the normal Android menus! My versions are: SW Ver: AEEV19.USA.SOP.V098.181214.STD_H FW Ver: AEEV.USA.286.180531.MICOM.D Kernel: 3.1.10-tcc Android: 4.2.2
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