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  1. BTW: When I try to use waypoint charging ABRP still puts chargers in between in order to keep charges in the lower range of the batteries capacity, doesn't it?
  2. Good point! My hope was that the charging loss become lower when the leaf starts to reduce charge speeds because of the charge level of the battery. At 80% it is typically down to about 22kW and the temperature hardly raises any more at that point. I will drive over 800km on saturday (www.ecannonball.de) and will try to find out if charging to high levels does help. I plan to drive extremely slowly (about 90km/h) and hope that some cooling will assist me if I do not pull high amps.
  3. Great to see the new Leaf on ABRP, thank you! As the Leaf does not like to charge too often (#rapidgate) I would love to see an option to set up a minimum charge level when leaving a charger. I know the ABRP strategy is trying to charge at best possible rates, but the Leaf's battery gets very hot with this strategy. Having the option to plan to charge to a minimum of XX% (e.g. 85%) would allow Leaf drivers to reduce stops and heat build up on their trip. Thanks again for your awesome project!

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