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  1. Hi, It would be useful to be able to select options for Avoid on route for segments of the planned route. For example, now we just have the option to avoid Toll roads on the entire route, or have toll roads for the complete route. I would like to have the possibility to avoid toll roads on certain segments of the route, and not on other. This is more useful with electric cars than with standard vehicles, as it may have quite an impact on power consumption and then time to charge. I have an example where it is better to avoid toll roads but one in terms of driving time, so with my ICE vehicle I always took the toll road as it was convenient and permit to gain about 20 minutes. I made some estimation with ABRP selecting only the segment with toll road without avoiding it and avoiding it, and the result showed that taking the toll road if there is headwind means adding... 20 minutes on charger. Then result is that if there is headwind, it is preferable to avoid toll road, but if there is no wind or tailwind, it is better to take the toll road on this segment. For the complete trip on this exemple, the result of the simulation between option avoiding toll roads and not avoid toll roads, make 2 completely different plannings (then I have to create lot of segments to get the road I would like to take).
  2. Hi, In my Model 3 browser, I can't select Avoid Toll Roads. When I select the field in the form, the keyboard appears, and I can't select Toll Roads or any other option (the field is hidden by the keyboard). Do you have any idea/clue to select correctly the Avoid Toll Roads on the Tesla Browser ? Thanks
  3. Hello schtruck, I did part of the same road last week-end (A75 between Clermont-Ferrand and Béziers), in both direction. I had some surprises when going to the south between Albaret Sainte-Marie and Le Caylar, Tesla's GPS told me that I could reach my destination with 20% of battery when leaving Albaret Sainte-Marie's supercharger, but 30 minutes later it told me first to lower speed to reach my destination, and then told me destination was not reachable. I was obliged to stop at Le Caylar supercharger to complete, without reason. On the return route, I stopped once more at Albaret Sainte-Marie, and prevision of GPS at Clermont-Ferrand was far pessimistic as you have observed. From what I had simulated with ABRP before taking the road, both ABRP and Tesla's GPS gave me consistent prevision. In both cases, no wind, temperature around 7°C when going to the south, 20°C when going to the north, and full respect of the speed limits. I think there could be a wrong information elevation on A75 road between Clermont-Ferrand and Le Caylar, which could explain why it is pessimistic when going to Clermont-Ferrand, and optimistic when going to Le Caylar. I will do the same trip this week-end and will observe both ABRP and Tesla's GPS to check if there could be a map error on both. I'm not sure to get right datas, as the weather is announced quite bad on the road (rain and wind). I'll let you know the result.
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