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  1. Description: Several values are set back to initial during entering setting Link to Plan: n/a Replication Steps: Changed 'Reference conumpiton from 160 to 165' focused next field and changed 'Max speed from 150 to 135' after approx 10" over all the values go back to the initial Same problem if changing 'Fast charger' from Supercharger to Tesla CCS Using a Mac with Safari
  2. Thanks Jason for this clarification, thats sounds good.
  3. Concerning the currently possible selection Tesla CCS. I still think it necessary for the following reasons: - Tesla CCS have a faster charging speed than most normal CCS, especially with the upcoming V3 Superchargers as well as with the software update of the V2 Supercharger - There are also Tesla Model 3 drivers who can charge them over a certain amount of time or a certain amount of power for free
  4. Great! I see it is implemented in the 'more settings'. Many thanks hj
  5. Sorry, my request was not clear enough. It's correct that it's possible to select CCS in the Settings, but I miss it in the 'Slow Charger Filters'
  6. Description: In Europe, the Tesla Model 3 will have a CCS adapter instead of the Type 2 which is used in Model S and Model X. So in the planer it should be possible to select CCS as power adapter Use Case: Tesla Model 3 in Europe will be delivered with CCS adapter Many thanks!

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