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  1. How did your trip work out? Has much else changed with the range/charge speed for you?
  2. Is some of the extra driving time the time added (5 mins for each part of stop)? in the 'time to open charge port' section of the settings? How did your trip work out?
  3. I'm picking up M3 LR AWD tomorrow, so looking forward to trying some of the routes i've been playing with on ABRP. I've got an old 2011 leaf that chademo only manages about 25Kw if i'm lucky, so the world of rapid charging will be new to me! In ABRP for one route I will do i've added a charge stop which takes me from 77 to 87% SOC at a SC. ABRP calculates 4 minutes for this. This 10% of SOC is 7.5 Kwh? Achieving this in 4 mins means charging at 112Kw? My understanding from the ABRP charging graphs at https://forum.abetterrouteplanner.com/blogs/entry/13-model-3-consumption-and-charging/ Is that at 80% charge I am likely to get around 50Kw of charging power? I am correct in assuming that adding 7.5Kwh (77 to 87) will take 50/7.5 so about 10 mins, rather than the 4 mins calculated in teh ABRP calculator? I realise I may be splitting rapid chargine hairs here, and it's sooo much faster than an old leaf i'm still amazed that this might be possible, but I'd like to be sure before I set off too confidently, especially with the family watching and expectations high...

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