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  1. Description: Currently when opening ABRP there is the option to share data with ABRP in the background for 36 hours. I think this duration is a bit too long. The V10 release altered the Tesla browser and removed the 'half' screen. It would be nice if the background data polling would just be for example one hour where the background duration automatically slides due to activity in the browser. This doesn't have to be checked every second or minute but for example every 15 minutes. Especially useful because due to the new browser behavior I probably will not have ABRP open very often and only occasionally check consumption. This way I would always have "background sharing" enabled. Also, it would auto resume once I would open ABRP in the car. Use Case: This way I would always have "background sharing" enabled. Also, it would auto resume once I would open ABRP in the car.
  2. Reading this it seems the terms of speed limit and average segment speed are are combined. These are two very different things. A route planner should be using "average segment speed" and maybe specific to a vehicle. For highways this often is the speed limit but doesn't have to. It can be a little bit higher or much lower but taking the actual speed limit on highways is a pretty good start. Here in the Netherlands lots of roads have 60, 50, or 30km/h speedlimits but actual speeds are much lower. For example, the road next to my house is 30km/h max but people likely travel 10-15km/h on average due to speed bumps and being a narrow street. If you would travel at 30km/h then you are an asshole. On the other hand, these are not the main roads so not heavily involved. Then there are our 80's roads in my neighborhood which are full of crossings with stoplights where I think the average speed on the whole stretch is 50-60km/h. These are main roads and depending on where you need to be will primarily travel on these instead of using the highways.
  3. Description: I've noticed that ABRP shows the availability of the SuCs. It would be very interesting if ABRP could track the history of the sucs. Meaning number of stalls in a SUC at a given time and available stalls. It would also interest most users if ABRP could display the MAX and AVG charge speed of a session. Then a graph similar as Goo Use Case: When traveling a user can browse the history to check is that SuC is relatively busy during the time it is planned to visit. Also, showing the AVG and MAX charging speed users get for for example the last 100 recorded charging sessions. Alternatively, it would be useful to look at the aggregated data based on hour of day, and day of week or maybe even the combination. For example, last Sunday I visited SuC Antwerp and it was super crowded when I arrived not only was it full I also had slow charging speeds.
  4. Description: Bug: Empty Outside temperature to read value from car results in Planner error! Replication Steps: Empty Outside temperature field so that it shows "Car" Select "Plan Route" See message "Planner error!" show up at the bottom. This is with my Tesla credential entered. Entering a value makes it work again.
  5. Description: I primarily drive on the Tesla navigation due to its better visualization. Since a few versions ago Tesla supports sending locations to the vehicle for navigation. It would be awesome if ABRP could automatically or suggest to manually push the next destination of the trip to the car. Currently I need to manually search the next destination while I'm on route. Which is especially annoying if the trip route changed due to traffic or just because you forgot to take the exit 😉 This is the API doco https://tesla-api.timdorr.com/vehicle/commands/navigation Use Case: I would use this *all the time* as I'm doing this manually at the moment.
  6. Description: Currently alternative routes are shown but you have to touch/click the route to select it or touch the dropdown list It would be nice if there would be buttons to select the alternative routes maybe already showing the time delta difference. Now the alternatives are hidden and not that user friendly Use Case: I often select the alternative routes just to compare
  7. Description: Via Via the Tesla app the SuC's around you are visible including how many stalls are free. It would be nice if ABRP could log these numbers while ABRP is running. Use Case: This can be used to for example to on average know if a SuC is very busy during specific hours/days and maybe be used during routing to select another SuC route on long trips or to at least add for example an warning that this SuC could be pretty busy during the estimate time of arrival.
  8. ABRP works again on 2019.12 but the positioning is a bit funky. It didn't locate my car until I entered my Tesla credentials/token.
  9. I'll test after breakfast
  10. Jups, I have the same thing. Here is a recording showing that ABRP is not working for its buttons and listboxes.
  11. Currently when a charging location is marked as long stop, it will charge the car to 100%. I would rather like to see an option to state the minimum charge duration. For example, on long trips I still like to actually have a decent dinner after a few stops which usually takes about 45 to 60 minutes. ABRP usually only uses charge sessions for my S100D that are less than 30 minutes so I would be charging a lot longer to juice up. It would be nice if that would be already calculated in the routing. Charging from 5% to 90% would take much longer than 1 hour.
  12. Yes it sort of does. Thanks for mentioning. Would the current time not be a good default value?
  13. Lets hope that indeed they will adopt Chromium!
  14. The Tesla browser doesn't show the field being selected when it is active. Because the browser is also a bit slow you sometimes enter data in the wrong field. It would be nice if the styling of the text input would indicate that it is selected.
  15. I drive a Model S, In the configuration I can select how many kilometers it can drive on top of the speed limis and this is not a percentage. It would be nice ABRP could use addition instead of percentage. For example, I now have it set to 104%, which at 100km/h is 104km/h but with 130 it is 139. The car would then travel at 134 which is a 5km/h difference. It would make the prediction even better.

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