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  1. Yes, of course i know abou A/B stalls. In Karlovac (Croatia) i was alone and it's 8 stalls supercharger, on 5th supercharging in Gyor (Hungary) there was another tesla, but it was on another charger. I'm always get > 100kw on beginning on charge.

    Only difference what I know is, that my car has battery from P version. I have a some of last 85D cars and for some of them Tesla put battery pack from performance version. But I think, P packs are better (should have lower internal resistence).

    It's not just about this trip. I'm using abetterrouteplanner for about a year and the charging speed is always longer than planned.

  2. Hi,

    I always use abetterrouteplaner for long trips with my S 85D. But always the charge time (measure in percent) is longer than calculated. I arrived at Karlovac (Croatia) supercharger (it was my second supercharging during the trip) and according to planner I should charge from 8% to 67% in 29 minutes (from 09:18 to 09:47).

    In reality I arrived with 7% at 9:18 and charged to 68% till 9:53. So 2% more charge took 6 minutes longer (35 minutes)

    Also on my 5th supercharging during this trip I arrived with 9% at 18:10 and charged to 61% till 18:38. So 9% to 61% took 28 minutes.

    The charging is always 5-10 minutes longer than planed. I try to change settings, as Time To Open Charge Port (currently I have set it to 3 minutes), or Battery Degradation (I set it to 2%, car has 70.000 km).

    Is there any settings, which will correct this?

    Thank You

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