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  1. I have the same Issue.... I could login in on every device but not on the model 3 Browser. :-/ I´ve changed my passwort to an easy to type one... but it doesn´t help. And a typo wasn´t the problem.
  2. https://abetterrouteplanner.com:4441/leaf40
  3. I can do this to. But my daily trips are to short. I drive the whole week and have 60% left in the battery pack. The next longer trips I will use ABRP and Leaf Spy and post the results.
  4. Hi, ist Workshop! 🙂 👍 And because of the need I figured out how to use it on one device. So I split the screen so I could use it on one device 💡 And it worked.
  5. I didn't know that the pw is transmitted. I changed it. 🙂
  6. No I didn't see data on the second device.
  7. Today I Had a problem, I could not reach the service. Leaf Spy Pro
  8. Screenshot from a mobile
  9. Show setting is under the start and destination location.
  10. Do you use the new charge curve of the Nissan Leaf 2? Or the old "rapidgate" curve. The charging speed is now improved. (late 2018 Models) 👍 Graphic/Data from Tsla Bjorn
  11. More Data, better results! But, could I check my uploads? I don't know if they works? (Leaf Spy pro)
  12. I have the same question 🙂 Edit: same car, upload with leaf spy
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