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  1. Description: I suggest making the login location appear in the top right hand corner wherever it does not appear there. Use Case: Describe how you would use the feature, or how often. This helps us assess prioritization on new features. Remember, the more details you can add, the faster we can build out new features! This will make it easier for every single new user to figure out how to login. Even regular users would find in helpful. On the new app page there is an icon in the top right corner. It is not obvious that it is the login icon.
  2. Rav

    Australia Tasmania

    Tasmania has chargers that appear on the web but not the app. In the charger settings there are only two choices for regions. What about the rest of the world? Planning however does work.
  3. https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=0ed8dcee-29e0-4229-a6b5-a25b338ef172
  4. This route previously worked. Now it returns a server error.
  5. IMG_3910.MP4
  6. Rav

    Negative Temperatures

    It appears this is now fixed. ios13.3
  7. For now you can save, open it in the web browser and use the links.
  8. When we save a trip it only saves the locations we enter. When we load the trip again it recalculates the route. Save the calculated route and charging information. Saves server CPU resources. Reduces our wait time. When we load the trip we could be given the option to recalculate. Description: Detailed description of the feature you want to add. Use Case: Describe how you would use the feature, or how often. This helps us assess prioritization on new features. Remember, the more details you can add, the faster we can build out new features!
  9. Doesn’t adding waypoints address this? https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=7c51f39e-f34b-492d-906f-d196de789ed3
  10. Does this work for you? Set the time to 1 minute at the charger to skip
  11. Current work around which may be helpful to you would be to add a charge as a waypoint, select the gear, set departure time.
  12. ios I saved a plan using the app. I saved another plan using the web (on my iPhone). In both cases - We could not calculate your plan. Server error. Besides the error this raises another question. We need Internet to use the app even for saved plans? Then why have an app?
  13. Do you have a bug and feature tracker like GitHub has? It will save me reporting what you already know.
  14. iOS How do we enter negative temperatures? A number pad pops up but no negative option. Celsius
  15. Rav

    Model Y CHAdeMO

    Could we please be allowed to be select the CHAdeMO connector?
  16. Not in the Canada Apple App Store 😞
  17. What would qualify as a HPC? Are they identified as such in the public databases used for the imports?
  18. Rav

    IOS & Android App ?

    Cool!!! BUT not available in the Canadian App Store 😞
  19. Rav

    Printing route ?

    @Bo (ABRP) Could we also have a print link to google maps on the sharing window? COPY OPEN PRINT Click here for an example. Can it be reverse engineered and then used for any route without going through the google site? https://www.google.com/maps/dir/46.60346,-63.85938/46.0510567,-65.061238/46.122972,-67.604998/47.82017,-69.558776/46.05864,-72.312291/45.304556,-75.081806/46.3316987,-79.4720078/46.440602,-81.00485/46.5381429,-84.3172732/48.5921573,-85.2726388/49.26039,-123.11336/@47.0099243,-111.275167,4z/am=t/data=!4m2!4m1!3e0!11m1!6b1
  20. Rav

    Printing route ?

    Figured this out by accident. Sharing & Print using google maps! Plan route https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=fb7f91d8-fce1-4fed-abfc-7a89d288a0a4 Share route Click on Google Maps Link Open or Close Google Maps Select DETAILS Select the print icon
  21. Two missing locations which once added allows navigation across Canada from Vancouver BC in the West to Prince Edward Island in the East. Added to https://openchargemap.org/site/poi?submissionstatustypeid=1 There are 2 matching results PORTAGE LA PRAIRIE, MB SUPERCHARGER Westfield Crossing 2100 Saskatchewan Ave Portage la Prarie MB R1N 3G3 Canada View Public Operational Level 3: High (Over 40kW) Tesla Supercharger BRANDON, MB SUPERCHARGER Corral Centre 921 18th Street North Brandon MB R7A 7S1 Canada View
  22. Rav

    Printing route ?

    Those suggestions were helpful but “Works fine as is” is a personal preference. Lets have a discussion of ideas and not dismiss any. Question - When the mobile app comes out would you still want to have a printout?

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