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  1. Description: Detailed description of the feature you want to add. Display nominal range and range based on conditions selected. Display on the settings/route screen below the selected vehicle. Over time give us the option to use distances instead of percentages. Use Case: Describe how you would use the feature, or how often. This helps us assess prioritization on new features. Remember, the more details you can add, the faster we can build out new features! Would be used all the time to check range estimated by car versus range estimated by ABRP. Not all of use are comfortable with percentages. For example I want to reach my destination with 20km remaining. I would thing adding the nominal range and range based on conditions would be easy and quick to add.
  2. Rav


    When in Canada which Currency is being used? USD or CDN When crossing borders Canada USA which currency is used?
  3. Rav

    Rout Plan Table

    Total Time Column May be easier to read if all times go in the time column and then the bottom displays the total. Usually that's how a read a table.
  4. Rav

    Charger Skipping

    How do I skip a charger on the leaving route without ignoring it on the return route? https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=87ea08e0-1ec2-427b-9b77-972dcf34109c Try skipping Cambridge.
  5. Description: Suggest having Depart columns before Arrive columns. Add a range column? Too many columns? Display change percentage and range KM/Miles with the percentage? Also I after selecting the vehicle no where do I get the estimated range. I probably for example want to check if the range on ABPR at -10 C matches what my vehicle shows. Use Case: Always. Think of a non technical user. They want the distance remaining. Even I want distance remaining. https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=87ea08e0-1ec2-427b-9b77-972dcf34109c It appears that a Model 3 Standard battery probably would not work for me.
  6. Rav

    Navigation error

    Curious how plugshare routes you?
  7. Please test on mobile phone. I often can’t figure out how to get a pop up to close.
  8. Rav

    Printing route ?

    As a work around would taking the share link for google maps and putting that into a browser and printing work for you? Mobile phone screen shots? When my wife and I travel we add the waypoints/stops to our iphone calendar. Then use carplay in the car to quickly get the next guided route. Would this work for you?
  9. Maybe even add climate settings grouping next to route. Will seat warmers be use? All? The volt automatically turns on seat warmers below a certain temperature but only occupied seats. Will others do the same? will forced air heat be used? will air conditioning be used? Maybe later split extra weight to how many occupants? Luggage weight? when estimating occupant weight use the heavier average North America. Allow custom profiles. For example daily, Toronto work, Florida vacation, summer, spring fall, winter. Temperature could be a 20% range difference. Lots to do. Maybe see is a go fund me would be successful? Awesome work. I contributed $
  10. Have you removed the link from the route planner to this stream? Would you add information bubbles to each value entry. For example what is a goal charge versus charger arrival charge? Reference speed? Wondering if setting the default values more conservative with respect to change for novice users would be a good idea? Experienced users will know how and when to change values. Also outside temperature is very important so maybe have as part of trip planning at the top? Easy to forget to set this or not even know. Maybe even auto populate option from weather source. A trip from London, Ontario to Florida goes from below freezing to 20 celcius or more. Long term having the planner account for the changes would be awesome. We have thousands who seasonally go to florida and back. The route table. Would it be more intuitive to have departure column before arrival? I am attaching the same route planned by tesla versus route planner. Note that Tesla plays it safe and has a 10 minute change on the way back while route planner has no charges at all. This is what had me wondering about the various settings.
  11. Okay. Makes sense. Will I then have to keep marking chargers as do not use? I tried one or two and ended up going off route by quite a bit. If you change to Tesla similar behaviour. I know not easy and early in development stage. Just letting you know that if I have to keep track and figure out what is safe or not I might as well use the plug share app. The Tesla web planning tool had the charging take place on the way back. But different battery size I guess. I don’t remember if it has Model 3 base. This is an awesome effort!!! Please take my feedback as trying to help.
  12. Rav

    Pre Purchase

    The Tesla superchargers are a compelling reason for us to get a Model 3 but as stated above..,
  13. Rav

    Pre Purchase

    Head spinning. Going to lease. Tesla Model 3 would be immediate choice if it were not for the closest service centre being 150km away. Added to that a whole day for a service. So it has to be planned with possibly a day of work and a guarantee that the service would happen. Add in possibly need for non service visits. Also lets see how the test drive goes. Not a fan of almost everything on a touch screen. Reaching for levers, buttons and knobs is more convenient for us. Not a deal breaker by its self. This will be my wife driving the car. She is a lawyer and just wants the car to work. She has other priorities:) No jumping through hoops. Currently with the GM Volt an oil change is 30minutes. If longer dealer drops her at work and then picks her up. She loves the Volt but the lease will be up in September with the car being discontinued. Her daily commute is usually 40km round trip. The Volt is perfect (well okay not perfect considering fossil fuel also being used). The Hyundai Kona EV & Kia Nero have not started arriving yet plus no idea on wait times for delivery once ordered. The Bolt not great value. 2019 Leaf no way. Luckly for us the GM, Kia, Hyundai, Nissan dealers plus a few more are on the way to work. I realize the Model 3 is probably a better bar but there are day to day considerations.
  14. This does not need to be private. Canada Ontario London to Toronto without charging. Toronto to London with a charging stop as far into the trip as possible. We want to get out of the rush hour traffic near North York(part of Toronto) Also we only want to charge enough to get home (plus some margin?) https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=0009baa3-29fd-4b2b-bcb1-646ebbf6af5d
  15. Will you be adding the 60 kWh battery option for the Nissan leaf anytime soon?
  16. Would it be possible to ask route planner to charge my car on the return trip and not on the outward trip. This would be useful because on the outward trip I am headed to a business appointment and would rather not stop so that I get to my appointment on time. On the way home my time is more flexible. I am already leaving fairly early in the morning and while it may not seem like much adding another 20 to 30 minutes is something I would rather avoid.
  17. Rav

    Pre Purchase

    Where are you from? Canada, London Ontario. What car do you drive? We will be buying an electric car in September. What's the longest trip you've taken in your EV? I am using a better route planner to review the options with regard to range and charging options on particular routes.

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