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  1. No cost column because the charging stations appear to be free. 🙂 That's been my observation. Does that sound right in your case?
  2. You will see a plug icon immediately to the right of "My Tesla Login" and "View Live Data". Click on that and you can adjust the plugs you want to use for the trip.
  3. I saw on another post a way to manually plan a trip like this. 1. Zoom in to find the specific AC charger 2 add it as a waypoint 3 click on the red gear next to that waypoint to set charge rate and hours of charging.
  4. Description: Show and utilize L2 chargers along the way. Use Case: For long trips that lack adequate DC fast charging stations, providing L2 charging stations will make an impossible trip possible. I plotted a course from Las Vegas, NV to Bakersfield, CA. It skipped the L2 chargers in Barstow, CA and sent me south to Victorville, CA for fast charging.

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