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  1. The first two routes I planned showed errors in the chosen routes. In the screenshots are ABRP and Google Maps. ABRP asked me to turn round in the road in the middle of Birmingham. The second was a waypoint charger which had me returning along the original route to go round a roundabout for no reason. The first time I tried planning the route I was asked to turn around in the dual carriageway!
  2. I think it is the Safari browser rather than ABRP planner as this morning other sections are missing. Using Chrome everything seems to be okay.
  3. Description: At higher magnification there is a map section missing just south of Prestatyn in Wales. It appears again as you zoom in further Zoom to highest magnification then click on minus button four times and the section disappears
  4. Thanks for that. I assumed it was just superchargers but if waypoints go as well then that's the problem sorted. I like ABRP anyway but now it will be my nav of choice. Just need Elon to add browser abilities to the Model SR+ and I'll be sorted.
  5. I have not yet taken delivery of my Tesla so bear with me please. I see that I can use ABRP to add waypoints to my journey but I understand the Tesla sat nav doesn't allow this. Therefore how do I use the data in ABRP to achieve turn by turn navigation including waypoints. I can do this in Google Maps but I am trying to avoid using lots of different pieces of software.
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