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  1. The link is not to open charger map, that needs to be fixed for the proper data on the stations chargers to be pulled.
  2. Strange, Open Charger open shows the info correctly some how Abetterroute planer is pulling form another database, see below image
  3. Description: Incorrect charger info on Merritt, BC Petro - Canada Link to Plan: Replication Steps: Incorrect charger info on Merritt, BC Petro - Canada it should be the same as Petro Canada Kamloops as the stations are identical should be 2 stalls 200KW CCS and @ stalls 100KW CHaDeMo not 50KW Steps If applicable Remember, the more detail you can provide in your bug report, the faster we can fix it!
  4. I talked about this bug before, day time map not loading, well it has returned again using Chrome, works fine on my Android, but chrome on Windows 10 no map unless you go to night mode. Treid clearing cookies tec, even Windows Explorer version 11, same issues, no map loading. Route points everything is there even all street names and city locations and charge points but only in night mode.
  5. There is Missing Petro Canada station in Merritt, BC Canada, see https://www.plugshare.com/location/186732 it was there at one time now it has vanished.
  6. Description: Open charge Maps shows Petro Canada Merritt but station not on map. Link to Plan: If the bug is in finding a route, please copy the plan link here (found under "Share"). Replication Steps: Replication Steps If applicable Remember, the more detail you can provide in your bug report, the faster we can fix it!
  7. It appears to be working again, thanks for the fix!
  8. I did notice the night mode map loads just fine.
  9. Description: map not loading Link to Plan: Replication Steps: no need to replicate as map not loading happens without network changes I have tested it with fibre-optic link tested at 160Mbits per second, at 5Mpbs etc
  10. We just completed a 2500KM round trip Vancouver to Edmonton Alberta, last weekend. As the possibility of Snow is higher in September we installed some really terrific tires that may actual prove to be more efficient than the stock KIA tires. We installed a set of Michelin Cross-climate. First the tire are significantly quieter than the base KIA Tires, and we ran into some heavy rain during the trip and again the tires we just outstanding. Only issues we had was a Level 3 50KW charger issue in Canmore, AB the Flo support person kept insisting it may be a account issue, the charger looked like it had a bug as the text on the display was scrolling very slow, and just did not want to communicate with the Kia. I asked him to reboot it and he claimed they could not, I know otherwise. We used the same chargers in more stops in Alberta so I knew it was not a car issue. Lucky in Canmore the Petro Can 150KW station was open for testing, we got 69KW for a good portion of the charge! Check plugshare September 22nd post you will see my note on both charging stations in Canmore. I did stretch the range between Calgary and Edmonton as only Red Deer has two level 3 chargers at the moment. I see Petro Canada is about to open a station just north of Calgary, looking forward to more Petro Canada station are coming, that is just great as they will reduce charge times in Soul EV by about 30%! Yes really considering 2020 Soul EV Limited second car, I may put one on hold, as even my 2019 is soo comfortable and quiet on that last trip it was really nice!
  11. Hi I Notice that the app is not pulling stations from map.openchargemap.io, is there anyway to refresh abetterrouteplanner to update the charge points presented in openchargemap.io?
  12. Hello all. We have a 2019 Soul EV (30KW) version that we just purchased in May with the 2 subsidies and the Kia $4K clearance discount (total off list was CAD$14,000.00). Bought it as a runabout for my wife as she still drive to work here on the Sunshine Coast (the price of gas is averaging over the last year $1.41per litre), so the fuel cost pay for the car. We love the car so much that we have been running all over the place, doing more trail walks etc as there is no guilt using an EV at anytime. 3 Weeks ago we ventured to Keremose, BC close to 800KM driving including the round trip and side trips and about 12 hours to return to Horseshoe Bay Ferry terminal. Only range anxiety I had was travel ing up Allison Pass the first time (our last charge was in Chilliwack, BC), I was uncertain of our usage up that long climb, so we did Hope Slide level 3 charger for about 10 minutes as a buffer. I really did not need it even on the return with 4 adults and 12 case of peaches, never had any issues. Highway 3 is well served (at the moment), only bottleneck was manning Park, they could use 2 level 3 chargers there. I believe we averaged about 100-120KM between charge points and as this model can handle 47KW up to 75%, the charge stays were averaging about 22-25 minutes. As for the 2019 Model KIA SOUL EV, my only real disappointment is the lack of UVO app that all Canadians experience with this model / year Soul, Our USA counter parts had this very useful remote vehicle app so you could check on charge status, control charge rates, set climate etc from anywhere. Glad the 2020 model have this feature in Canada. Our next trip in a few weeks is to Edmonton AB, most of the way we are ok other than only one fast charger option in Calgary (presently) and then the next one in Red Deer (there are actually two), so about 154KM between the furthest point. For the trip we are changing the factory tires to Michelin CrossClimate Tires, they are a little more fuel efficient and can handle rain much better than the factory rubber, summer performance is great, are quieter and can handle the occasional snow we get on the coast and may run into on this trip. Just a few days ago I ran into a Leaf owner 2016 model on the Sunshine coast, he was travelling up coast to Egmont, he got me to check out abetterrouteplanner and I think it is just great, especially as it takes elevation into account. This is making the trip planing a lot easier. I just wish you could login the map so the saved trips are available on any device. Would also be cool if it could take live data from the OBDII port, I currently have a Bluetooth dongle and using Soulspy, great for checking battery status (temp level etc), it may be possible. Tesla owners have it great as the app takes real time conditions into account. We are really seriously considering a second EV for longer trips (would be nice to switch the 2007 Ford Focus (ICE) for another EV) . Heard a lot about Tesla model 3, very nice car tech is just outstanding but the seating is too low, we are getting close to retirement and seat access will be an issue. The Soul 2020 is such a great vehicle in it's own right that we may take up another KIA EV!

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