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  1. Ok so not built in yet. Actually had thought maybe I needed to sync with my Tesla to get the 'return' departure populated. Thanks for clarifying this up.
  2. You interpreted correctly. ..well except you chose Philadelphia Mississippi not Philadelphia PA. LOL! Anyhow - was trying to see if I had missed something that wasn't a 2nd trip workaround.
  3. When planning a roundtrip, how do I add the departure battery charge status - manually - at turnaround point? Example below, I go from DC to Philadelphia & arrived @ 50%. Drive around the city & use some battery but don't recharge & now batt is @ 45%. So want to calculate the return portion based on a reduced battery state from the turnaround point - Philadelphia & 45%.
  4. TQV


    Under more settings. BTW, it's a website not an app - ie not available for installation from any mobile app store.

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