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  1. I vote for this too. I hate driving near Paris, the ring road is the devils spawn!. ABRP always puts me on that road on a trip to/from Munich-Le Mans. I would love to see it a work a bit like Google Maps desktop where you can drag and drop a marker on the calculated route to a different road, and have the route automagically reroute that area.
  2. VJW

    Printing route ?

    Yes, defiantly. There are times where, for whatever reason (flat battery, network coverage, roaming etc), that a hard copy if extremely useful. When I plan with the Going Electric route planner, I have a hard copy for my wife. She can then add the next charger into the system. I can also add details when I am in my garage where there is no network coverage. Theoretically its possible to route in ABRP and then transfer to Waze, Apple Maps or Google Maps, but I have never been able to get this to work, and personally I prefer my cars navi to those options.
  3. VJW

    Printing route ?

    Messing around with spreadsheets to get a print isn’t “Works fine as is” really. Print screen also isn’t a solution for a longer trip either. All I would like is a simple easy print function.
  4. VJW

    IOS & Android App ?

    I am also happy to be an Alpha or Beta tester 😉
  5. VJW

    Connecting Torque

    Either leave the cover off or find a very thin connector with an extension to tuck the dongle away. I leave the cover off.
  6. VJW

    IOS & Android App ?

    Are there any plans to have an IOS/Android app available? My car does not have a web browser like the Tesla and an app would be far more convenient. Maybe it could also be integrated with CarPlay and AndroidAuto ?
  7. VJW

    Printing route ?

    Description: Print out a route to a printer Use Case: I plan a route on my computer or mobile device and want to have a hard copy available. This is helpful for the co-pilot or for the case that there is no mobile coverage or mobile roaming charges are high. Maybe its there but I can't find it. I would have expected it under share, but there is only share to other apps as far as I can see.
  8. VJW

    iPhone/iOS users

    I have an Ioniq Electric. I bought a cheapish android phone and installed Torque. the OBD2 adaptor is the KONNWEI ELM327 from Amazon for about 18 Euro. It took a bit to configure, mostly because I know nothing about Android but with the help of Youtube and websites, I got it working. Next thing is to try to see if I can get it working with a better route planner.

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