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  1. Of course. Never would have thought of that. Thank you.
  2. Howdy folks. My name is Jerry and I’m from the Olympia, WA area of the Pacific NW and I’m driving a 2018 100D MX we bought last December. Longest trip? Well, just yesterday we drove from home to Modesto, CA for the second time since buying it to visit relatives, but it was the first time for ABRP. I discovered ABRP about 3 weeks ago, immediately downloaded it and started getting familiar with how to use it correctly. After a few false starts with the software, things started clicking and it didn’t take long to get comfortable with the process and how to tailor the settings for the trip. LOVED IT! Every prediction was almost exactly spot on. I set it up so we’d arrive at the next charging point at 15% SoC and after charging to the specified % we arrived at the next supercharger with 15%......every time, except the last one. My settings included a 14 mph headwind, but we hit 20+ right on the nose from Mt. Shasta to Sacramento (note: the Corning station has been experiencing serious performance issues since our first trip down the I-5 corridor last February and I will now avoid at all cost) once we were past Corning. I was forced to drop down to 70, but we still got to Sacramento with 14% "in the tank". $65 was the predicted cost and the final bill was $64.23. But the one thing ABRP can’t predict are charging station performance issues. We had to move twice at one station before getting 130+ kW, and moved once at two other stations rated at 150 kW per Tesla Navigation. There is one feature on the energy profile we weren’t sure how to interpret. On the far right side, just below the graph were 6 vertical bars. Sometimes they were all green, but then a pair of reds and 4 greens would be displayed, and on the leg to Sacramento with the strong headwinds 6 red lights were on. But at times, a red light would change back to a green light. Can someone help me understand exactly what is being conveyed? Finally, somewhere around Stockton the energy profile just would not come up. We tried several times but no luck until just before arriving at our destination. Our next trip late this month is already planned and all set to go. Modesto, CA —> Dallas, TX for my son’s wedding. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the new supercharger in Henrietta, TX is open when we roll thru on 6 October because if it’s not, Childress - Denton is 209 miles and I know they can have monster headwinds down there. The route planner says no problems, but it’s still a concern. Take care folks.
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