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  1. Agreed, it can be done manually. But when using the in-car browser, we have to wait for the plan to populate (painfully slow) then do the math and run the plan again. If the plan knows the waypoint kW, then it could calculate the time automatically saving the user a step. Again, this is mostly painful when using Tesla's MCU1 in-car browser. I love using the mapping program, this was merely a feature request, nothing wrong with the existing behavior.
  2. I'd like ABRP to automatically push the next waypoint after I've reached the first one. Is this something ABRP can do or is working on? I usually have the ABRP webpage running on my phone (and sometimes the car's browser - albeit slow as dirt - not ABRP's fault) and would like the servers to auto push the next waypoint since it knows I have arrived at the location. This will allow the car to auto calculate how long I need to charge to reach the next w/p.
  3. I am trying to add a waypoint with an L2 charger but I am forced to include a time or "charge to" value. I'm hoping to have the ability to just add the kW for the waypoint and let the servers determine how long I need to be there to continue the trip. When I only put in the kW for the waypoint and nothing else, the mapped route doesn't set up any charge times at the w/p even when the car needs juice to complete the journey. This would come in handy when adding personal L2 connectors from a home owner's w/p (as listed in PlugShare and when given permission from the respective homeowner). I don't know how long I need to be at this stranger's house, but I know I need to charge up to something to make it home. TIA
  4. Is there a way to have ABRP push the next leg of the travel after the arriving at a waypoint?

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