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  1. Check plugshare for lodging. An easy way to do this to click on the "triple equals" button on the upper left part of the page. Then go into the "Amenities" filter and select "Lodging". On the "Plugs" filter, choose "J1772" and if you are equipped for it, "NEMA 14-50" and "Wall". A number of places show up around Grants Pass. Protocol is typically "first come, first served".
  2. wws

    1,000 km Challenge

    This is a very cool chart. How often does it get updated?
  3. According to plugshare, Cold Springs Station and Austin just lit up with CCS/CHAdeMO and J1772 L2 charging! Hopefully they actually work.
  4. Did U.S. 50/Lincoln Highway across Nevada back in September. There were actually three Teslas in our touring group of about 30 cars - my Model 3 LR, a Model S 70D, and a Model X 75D. We charged at the Wendover Supercharger, then headed south on Alt 93/93 to Ely. Overnight 14-50 at the Ely KOA. Calcs showed that my Model 3 could make it to the Fallon CHAdeMO on a single charge, but the Model S and X could not. They did some 14-50 charging at the Silver Springs RV park in Eureka for an hour or so. (The owner of the RV park is VERY EV friendly. Would like to see more EV tourists.) We then toured through Austin and had lunch at Cold Springs Station - doing some opportunity charging at his 14-50s. Then easily made it to Fallon. After charging in Fallon, it was then easy to follow U.S. 50 up to Stateline (South Shore of Lake Tahoe), and down into California - where there are Superchargers a plenty. Note that we had made prior arrangements with the owners of both Silver Springs RV park and Cold Springs Station. So they were expecting us, and we had no problems getting charging. We also made reservations at the Ely KOA. As it turned out, the reservations at the Ely KOA were especially important because that was the same weekend as the Nevada Silver State Classic road races. All the RV spots were reserved. So if we had just 'showed up' we would have been out of luck. Since then, the State of Nevada has installed a CCS/CHAdeMO site in Ely. Unfortunately as of today, the sole check in was unsuccessful. Hopefully it will get fixed soon. The State is also planning a CCS/CHAdeMO site at Cold Springs Station soon, and one in Austin as well. When travelling across U.S. 50, be sure to get a copy of the "Loneliest Highway" booklet from one of the visitors centers. You can get it stamped at various locations along the road, send in the card in the back, and get a nice certificate - suitable for framing.
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