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  1. Then what is the reasoning behind having such feature for AC?
  2. Description: I want to filter minimum CCS charging speed, since I am never interested in 50kw chargers. Use Case: Tesla model 3 can charge at 200kw as of today. But most CCS chargers are 50kw, which is pretty much useless for me at long trips. I need to get from A to B as quickly and cheap as possible. I am interested in for example Circle K, Ionity and Fortum 150kw and faster chargers only. These are both cheaper and faster than superchargers, if you're a model 3 user.
  3. OlofL


    Doesn't Doesn't this make the planner consider 50kw chargers as well?? I am a model 3 user, and I am only interested in 150kw or faster chargers, like fortum, circle k and ionity. Because they are all faster and cheaper than Tesla superchargers. I want a filter with CCS that I can specify minimum charging speed, just like you can do with type 2 connectors. It makes more sense to have CCS filters, since that is what you use on a route.

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