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  1. Yes, it is on iOS, an iPad. I have deleted the browser cache, and now ABRP seems to work even from the home screen. that solved it for me, thanks
  2. I can give some more details on the issue that ABRP shows old plans. From my expierence it only happens if I invoke ABRP from the bookmark on my home screen. If I start it in safari by starting to type „abetted...“ in the line it auto complete the address and starts ABRP. Then it works fine. So I deleted the book mark on the home screen, created a new one. Now I can start it, and it ask (always) for my credentials. if I enter them, I always get Username or password is wrong. After some time I get ABPR is offline, try again later. It seems that the problem occurs when ABRP is started from a bookmark.
  3. I am using ABRP on my Windows PC to prepare a route. Once I have done this, I save it. during a trip I am using an iPad to look for the details. For that reason I have saved the bookmark on my home screen. when I click an this bookmark ABRP always starts with an old route, and I have to pick the current route again from saved plans, and start the routing again. This also happens, when I am on a trip, and the iPad goes off. Starting the iPad again shows a previous route, and I have to start the route planning again. What is going wrong here? the iPad ison iOS 12.

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