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  1. I tested this last week with an old Samsung phone. It's 4 years old, an A3 I think, and other than having a small screen, it worked just fine. As ABRP isn't a guidance engine, it's not as demanding on the phone as Waze or Google Maps for example. In terms of data consumed, I'm going to going to take a guess that the ODB data is in the region of a couple of MB per hour. But yes, a 6" screen would be helpful!
  2. I just tested this. I planned from Hollyhead to Swansea and it's only offering one route which is taking me though Dublin -> Wexford and then Fishguard. plan_uuid=f1cda591-82f7-49ba-bc0b-3eb261ba048f If I set a waypoint in Goodwick Wales, it still persists in crossing the Irish Sea, then routing up from Fishguard to Goodwick. Amusing! What's wrong with North Wales exactly?? ? plan_uuid=2a6aae82-663a-4cf4-a062-19c7f03dd91a I had intermittently see similar when planning from Cherbourg FR to Rennes FR, it would plan to have me drive though the Jersey Islands. But it seems to be working ok now again.
  3. Description: Integration of ABRP with autopi device to provide OBD data directly to the application. Use Case: Autopi is a powerful hardware platform with many possibilities to benefit the EV driver and is available with or without cellular (4G) connection. Purchasing without the cellular dongle is appealing due to the lower outlay for the hardware and contract for the SIM. Having ABRP query the OBD data directly (over port 35000 for example) would remove the need to have the data upload to ABRP's servers via a cellular connection. This is beneficial as cellular connections are typically patchy in the locations where you most need them (such as planning an unexpected recharge-stop). The existing use-case is as follows: - Torque Pro or EV Notify ("the app") queries the OBD device either over BT or WiFi. The app then sends the data through the API to ABRP's servers. ABRP then downloads that data to create a dynamic overview of the battery SoC, temp, SoH... In the proposed sutuation the autopi device would become the AP (or hotspot if cellular is needed/enabled) with the phone/tablet running ABRP and querying the autopi device for OBD data. If needed, the phone/tablet could instead be specified as the network gateway to provide a route to the internet, etc. Additionally, upload of the OBD data to ABRP's servers could also be enabled, probably directly from the autopi too, if needed. Additionally, autopi may also be able to provide logging facilities (for OBD data or trip data from ABRP) as a local point of reference for users. Hopefully this makes sense.
  4. Description: Show the required charge in kWh for each stop in the route planner in addition to the Charge Duration so that users can plan for different capacity chargers. Use Case: ABRP assumes the 'best case' with charge-capacity when planning for charging stops. It assumes that the user will be able to utilise the highest available charging current at the location but this may not always be possible if the high-powered chargers are occupied. Could I suggest that the route planner display the expected charge/load in kWh so that the user can plan to use either a lower or a higher capacity device. This would allow the user calculate the difference in using a 50kW CCS over a 43kW Type-2, for example. Perhaps the values could be hidden on the table, but displayed once the Charge Duration column header is clicked, etc.
  5. Description: Feature Request to add roof-box drag to the advanced settings Use Case: For infrequent long-journey travel planning, ABRP is invaluable for EV cars and these are also situations where roof-boxes are commonly utilised. I can offer to install a roof-box on my Kona 64 and perform some test drives to create a curve, then repeat the test with no roof-box and collect the same data for the curve. I will also provide the external silhouette dimensions for the roof-box. Would ABRP be in a position to then to provide the described feature-request? If so, we can plan the test-drive duration and speeds afterwards.
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