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  1. I got it. Didn’t know that there was a button next to % . Which enables the live data. My bad
  2. Guys. Live data still doesn’t work for me 😞 works fine from web, and abrp transmitter. What’s wrong?? ioniq ev 2019 with abrp transmitter.
  3. I don’t think the problem is evenotify . The problem is within abrp I think.
  4. Here is a screenshot My Car is on. From My mac i Can see live data such as state of charge 97% from the app I am logged in with my account, and in setting I chosen use car live data. When I make a route it says 90% state of charge
  5. Not possible anymore. Latest car fw blocks the app installation. Your next move is to get a obd2 dongle and evnotify on your smart phone. This app can retrieve car data and send it to abrp
  6. Hey guys ios 12.4 , iPhone X. Car: Hyundai ioniq ev. i use abrp transmitter. It doesn’t get the live data from my car. it shows no problem from a browser .
  7. Well since evnotify integration is broken. Can we install the abrptransmitter apk on an android phone? or does it only work on the Headunit?
  8. Hey guys. Did any solve this issue? My hyundai ioniq ev is connected with a by odb dongle and is being read by evnotify on an android phone. I went though the setup to integrate evnotify with a Better router planner. And went ok. Now in the abrp site the button live data when clicking on it it gives a up pop with different measures but no data in it. All empty. Tried from the android chrome browser and iPhone safari.
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