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  1. My OBD adapter is just a cheap no name China ELM 327 mini adapter. MickeN
  2. Hi Dough I use a simple Bluetooth OBD adapter much like yours. Then I use Torque Pro on my phone (Android) and download the description files (PID files). After that you get access to much more relevant data. You will find the PID files on the internet and also in the setup dialogue for live data in ARBP. I found a small diff when comparing the PID files from internet vs the ones supplied in ABRP so I recommend to use the ones from ABRP. Regards
  3. Hello I have been logging from my e-Soul since the end of June and was wondering how it goes with the work on the model? Since ABRP can use live data from my car I assume upload of data is at least working☺️. Is there anything more I can assist with like specific driving condition etc? Regards /Micke

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