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  1. Update 15th April. All above minor gripes sorted. Only remaining desirable functionality for me is the Apple Carplay integration. Is there a likely timeline ?
  2. Hi. App shuts down as son as I reach waypoint on 2 leg journey. Also, can chart be extended to show total journey if no charge needed at waypoint?
  3. First- this app is evolving into a must have and the work ye are doing is amazing. I use windy.com for wind speed and direction estimates but the consumption calculation pre trip really seems to overestimate the effects for both head and tailwinds. Maybe the app is still only building a database for my live consumption and from reading other posts I have reduced the server time to 1 minute. When planning journey before using live consumption should we set the speed to zero?
  4. Padraigdc

    App freezing

    Hello, running leafspy in background and receiving live data OK. I plan and start journey and consumprion chart appears. Everything freezes after about 2 or 3 min, and map seems to revert back to original departure point. I have Leafspy option to Keep GPS active so I am a bit confused. Running on an iphone 8.
  5. Is it possible to only have the consumption chart visible in landscape mode with predicted charge at destination visible at all times in a landscape view? Once we export the route map to Waze or maps etc... we do not to not require turn by turn instructions, a simple chart predicting charge levels at waypoint or destination will suffice. Can any necessary re plans can be done in the background if one deviates slightly from the original planned route, or if consumption is deviating from original estimates.? A "Live" chart similar to the attached would be mighty.All the other detailed instructions could be refreshed in the background ?
  6. Same issue here, leaf 40Kwh - iphone 8
  7. Constant improvement so great job, here's a few observations I have - I run it on an Apple iphone 8 and carplay would be an obvious benefit. When I turn screen to lansdscape the information panel is too intrusive and takes up too much screen real estate, option to turn off information panel would be appreciated. The early web based interface had a very useful consumption graph showing predicted and actual SOC at waypoints and destinations, any way this can be implemented on a full screen basis as I can run maps in parallell on car info screen? Live charger status on the chosen route via some form of color coding would be a huge add -Wattsupp have a very simple status logic. I still do not seem to be getting live SOC via Leafspy pro, can you confirm the required leafspy settings. Every iteration is a step forward, and if some form of fundraising is required a kickstarter campaign might be useful to guage the appetite for a paid app in the future. Thanks for all the hard work.
  8. Please ignore any requests for Android Auto, I want carplay and that is all that matters. If I change my phone type, I will request otherwise 🙂
  9. Any update on CarPlay feasibility?
  10. Hey folks, any update on likleyhood of iOS carplay app ?
  11. I'm intrigued, is there a split screen option on iphone 8 and if so how does one start this witchraft ?
  12. Have you sufficient data set to produce same charts for Leaf 40kWH ?
  13. Aha. I am trying to run both on same device with ABRP in foreground. I will try running on separate devices. Any idea of timeline for fix?
  14. I would happily pay for an iOS carplay integrated app in the morning. Also love to help beta testing of you need helping out.

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