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  1. Sory, just founfd the article here https://cleantechnica.com/2018/07/16/2018-leaf-vs-long-journeys-can-it-take-the-heat/
  2. Hello, I saw a very useful chart of Tesla Model X consumption on another forum or article that Bo had supplied. I was wondering is there sufficient data for the same type of chart for a 2018 Nissan Leaf 40kWH ?
  3. Thanks. I was being dim. I will do it next time leafspy is in action. I do know it reads live batter SOC so I presume all is good.
  4. Thanks Jason. Cannot seem to locate the show settings option. Is that for desktop only?
  5. 4,700Km in one trip ? Holy s**t, if I did that I would have to go from the top to the bottom of Ireland 10 times. I can see why you guys need maximum range.
  6. Hello folks, is there any way of checking if the data I tried to share was received ? I want to ensue it is useful before I continue to send.
  7. I am indeed Brian, busy group.
  8. Hello Brian, not sure if you are on facebook but this group are a good laugh, meetup planned in late Jan, I'll be there. https://www.facebook.com/groups/265124087460244/
  9. Where are you from? Portlaw, Waterford , Ireland What car do you drive? Leaf 40Kw - I also have leafspy pro, What's the longest trip you've taken in your EV? ~400 Km mainly mototway to `Dublin and return. Anyone know if leafspy backup files are of any use to the project.

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