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  1. Keep us posted for sure. I stopped short of buying the cable, as I wasn't sure which would be best to get. Plus it also seems a windows PC laptop will also be needed.
  2. I did a lot of web browsing and found some info that may help. This appears to be the software "ISTA" used for diagnosis and programming. For windows machines, and used with a "K/D-CAN cable". So the protocol is obviously CAN, meaning that the ECU/module of interest is "SME", I believe. The circled text reads, "Condition high voltage battery". Circled text here reads "Current State of Charge". Bingo. So from what I gather we're looking for reading info from the SME ECU/module. Either it is exposed as a PID over OBD, or it's a message sent over CAN at intervals, and has to be "caught" I guess.
  3. Some deep obd screen shots. Not that I know what really that they show or is of use, since most is German but I think it says battery in there somewhere.
  4. I've got a half dozen(well closer to dozen) Pi devices and Pi-like devices. So let me know if I can help with that. I'll give the deep obd app another look, but yes it has a logging option in the menu, with some options for data types. I'll also try and use that profile command option in the torque app, as when I tried before I did not have that string of commands added to the vehicle profile. Perhaps it will reveal more information. The developer of the deep obd app did get back to me but doesn't quite know how information such as SoC would be obtained. They suggested using the "ediabas tool" to see which "jobs" to run. But I'll admit to that stuff being over my head. It certainly looks like the information could be gotten that way but it's certainly not the most straightforward app. The developer will straight up tell you the tool is only for "experts", I assume they mean essentially it's only for people very familiar with bmw CAN bus knowledge.
  5. @Jason (ABRP) Deep obd can certainly see a lot of ECU, and read values from registers. Not that I can begin to understand what I'm looking for, I didn't see anything specifically marked as something that looked like state of charge. Since I am not familiar with what deep obd was showing me I didn't poke too much around. If someone can give me an idea of what I'm looking for I can try and look more into it. I also gave Torque Pro a try, and the scanner plugin. Couldn't see a battery SoC there either, and the scanner took forever only to give me a long list of PIDs with their response. All of which seemed to be "7E8037F2213". Not sure if that's a status response equivalent to "404 not found" or OK, or what, but they all responded with that. Deep OBD showed these ECU: This all seems like it's pretty comprehensive. Selecting an ECU loads for a good while, then presents "jobs" to run and results to select to view after the "job". For instance for the ECU "CAS" the "jobs" look like things like: Not sure where to go from here. Torque PID scanner didn't seem to go anywhere. Supposedly the "deep odb" app should be able to do anything that INPA/tool32 can according to the dev. I sent them an email to see if they can assist with finding the information were looking for like the battery SoC, gps info, power use commanded, and instantaneous range estimates etc. We'll see if they can get back to me and help.
  6. I'll take a stab at this pretty soon on my '15 i3 rex 60Ah.

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