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  1. I replied to your PM, thanks @BarryH for pinging me about this issue. I think this may be due to some formatting changes we made for new features in the new app / new website. When I have time I'll look at the backwards compatibility on the old website, but in the meantime can you check https://new.abetterrouteplanner.com and see if that data is more up to date? You should also have a custom car model selectable which is based on your live data, and we're doing a custom calibration of your exact car, which will account for stuff like roof racks, cold weather, and soon changes in charge speed based on the conditions automatically.
  2. Definitely haven't given up, just not the top of the priority list yet. Need to get the app completely up to snuff with the website, then we can really start adding features like AA and CP.
  3. This is coming soon, ABRP will learn your particular car's charge curve using Live Data, then you won't have to input anything manually!
  4. That's very strange, I thought we'd fixed this one a few versions ago. What version are you running?
  5. We have long-term plans to support both! We want everyone to be able to drive with their EVs, regardless of phone choice. Back when we only had the website, I looked into (and successfully displayed the website using) that Android Auto hack. But it was incredibly glitchy, and Google closed the exploit in recent versions of Android Auto. That said, it's very hacky and not the kind of experience open to anyone we want to give. When we do bring ABRP to Android Auto / CarPlay we'll be playing in their rules, so we'll provide as many features as we can, while still being approved to run in the cars.
  6. I doubt it's a configuration issue, it's probably a consequence of how we're currently calculating charge curves. We'll take a look and see if we can find a way to increase the resolution on the charge curve without costing any additional planning time.
  7. Your understanding is correct, we've got this on the tracker, and it'll be coming in a future version. Would you find it more useful to manually rename the marker, or to have us look up the location and give it an automatic address tag?
  8. This is coming in a future release!
  9. It definitely will, I think we'll need to add a planner setting for "has battery warmer" or not, as this will add a lot of variance between car models. With the new app and the "Calibration" mode, we'll actually adjust to the battery warmer or not as present on your car, so you'll get that benefit immediately! (Assuming EVNotify provides Power output readings for the Kona, and not just State of Charge)
  10. Very interesting, I've seen a pause in navigation I haven't been able to figure out, but it always resumed after a few seconds. Any other hints as to why this might be happening? Any other background applications running (like Android Auto?). Also, just to check, you're on the newest version of the app? (3.9.4, click the ABRP Icon - version is listed at the bottom of the sidebar).
  11. Odd, I thought we'd squashed this a while back. We'll take a look and see if we can get it sorted out!
  12. This is coming soon in the next version, it'll replicate the current functionality where it'll send the next destination in the list to your navigation app of choice!
  13. Ah, this is something we'll be improving on in the next version, if any entry is left blank we'll be either using live data (if available) or a default value so you won't get weird unexplained errors.
  14. We prioritize OCM over NREL precisely for the reasons laid out (NREL's data is seriously lacking, but better than nothing). Once your edits are approved in OCM we'll pick them up in our next pass (within 24 hours).
  15. Home and Work favorites are coming in the next App release!
  16. @Bo (ABRP) and I are looking for some volunteer help keeping up with the forums. We love the enthusiasm and support you've all shown here, the bug reports are excellent so keep them coming! It's been hard to find a good balance between working on new features / fixing bugs and answering questions here on the Forums. We definitely want to stay fully engaged on the forums, but think it'd be more valuable to keep that engagement focused on the topics we can provide the best insight as the developers. If you're interested in volunteering here's what we'll give you: Title signifying you as an official forum rep for ABRP Trial access to new builds of the app and new features What we'd like you to do: Help answer questions as you're able Send us questions you don't know how to answer. Moderate discussions If this interests you send me a Message with your application which includes your experience with EVs / ABRP, and your reasons for applying and we'll get you started! Thanks again for all you do to help make ABRP an even better tool for EV drivers!
  17. That explains it! If the stations are open and ready for use, all you need to do is edit them in OCM to show that, and we'll pick it up as soon as it's approved!
  18. This is one we've tracked for a while, and think we have a good idea for how to implement. It's lower priority than our app work for now, but we definitely like the idea!
  19. Very sorry about this one, we've fixed it and we'll roll it out in the next release! In the meantime, loading a saved plan without that setting should restore a good setting and solve the problem.
  20. Interesting, for the 28kWh Ioniq? Could you check what PID is selected for the charging status? It should be: !_ABRP_HV_Charging Charging val{000_HV_Charging} 0 1 Which I believe only shows 1 when the CCS port is active. If this is wrong, I probably ought to correct the PID list.
  21. Hmm, strange, this should be fairly accurate, as it's now based on real-world charging data. Sanity checked the values in the database and they seem to match up to this (which also matches your link).
  22. We don't get power data from NREL.gov, so we have to guess, and since most "base-level" CCS and Chademo stations are 50kW, that's our assumption. You can send the data to NREL, or add the charger to Open Charge Map directly.
  23. You can force it to use a ferry line by right clicking on it: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=9d8e2e9c-44a7-4e82-be80-27e71cf140ab But in this case, OpenStreetMap marks the line as 5:45, perhaps that duration is incorrect or too long, thus causing the planner to avoid it? If so you can click on the route near there and select the option to edit on Open Street Map and correct it.
  24. Fixed the charging tier for the Mach-E, thanks! Do you have any more information about the charge curve for the Mach-E? Ours is very much a guess based on the information I was able to dredge up post-reveal. On the EA Pass+ (among other membership pricing), that's something we're considering how to handle, but probably something we'll add to the app / new website as we approach feature parity with the current version.
  25. Could you provide me with a link to an example of one? Often this is due to the charger or the stalls at the charger still being marked as "Coming Soon" or "Under Construction".

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