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  1. Note that you're comparing low-temperature performance to mild-temperature performance between Bjorn's two tests, where ours are modelled at the same (mild) temperature.
  2. The next things I can think of would be to reinstall ABRP, and then if that doesn't work, in the vehicle settings select: EVNotify can provide GPS location to ABRP, and generally we trust the Live Data location more than the phone location. It's also possible we introduced a bug somewhere in the mix as well, so I've added a bug to our tracker to investigate.
  3. We actually intended to post a public beta for Android Auto this last week, but have been held up in Google's review process waiting for responses. I'm not sure why it'd show ABRP in Android Auto yet, unless a version go through review without notification. As soon as we pass review we'll have a public beta open, for sure!
  4. This thread is for feedback on Car Play. If you've got directions feedback, please submit that to this thread instead: This thread should be focused on the specific elements and performance of CarPlay styling, capabilities and features, and overall usage flow of ABRP in Car Play.
  5. With the advent of Android Auto and Car Play for ABRP, we're expecting a lot more people using ABRP to navigate on their trips. This thread is for feedback on the navigation voice instructions, including: Wording Distances / Timing Accuracy Other suggestions for improvement It's also important to note that we use the Open Source Routing Machine to generate the directions based on Open Street Map, so your best path to improving directions accuracy is likely contributing to Open Street Map to improve the maps in your area. We recompile from OSM/OSRM every week,
  6. Not really, real vehicle speed is good, and when you're running ABRP on your phone we compare the phone GPS data to the vehicle speed to calibrate it, but we don't compare Torque's GPS speed to the OBD speed. The OBD speed can be wrong, due to sensor errors, or tire diameter, etc, so we calibrate that to get true speed.
  7. At the moment we've got an internal beta test, there's still some big bugs to fix before we roll it out publicly, but it's coming along really nicely! We definitely intend to expand that beta test as soon as we can!
  8. Exactly right, we do that intentionally with the assumption that experienced users will set a consumption that more accurately reflects their driving style, while the default is very noob-mistake-friendly.
  9. I'll just say that we've been prototyping Android Automotive, and it looks really awesome on large format displays in cars. When we're allowed to say more, I'm sure you'll hear about it!
  10. I'd be really interested in your PiZeroW project, actually, I've been tinkering with a lot of different OBD devices to come up with a really good device to help people get ABRP working with live data for cars, and that's one that's just shown up on my radar. My ideal solution would be something where you plug this thing in, register it to your account, and it downloads the PID list from our repository and starts updating your data. Then, when your phone is in the car you could get data directly from the device via Bluetooth or WiFi, so you're not beholden to cell network coverage. M
  11. And now the setup instructions reference that one too, since both generations should be able to use that PID.
  12. Went with 220046, so make sure you're logging that one, let me know if it works!
  13. Cool, I'll check out the same PIDs on my '18 Bolt tonight. If it works for both, then I'll add one of those as an alternate PID.
  14. Do either of the other PIDs provide temperature data? I'm guessing not since your screenshot above just has '-' for those values.
  15. Amusingly, I added support for this PID as the primary temperature source due to a request by another user in another thread (and it seemed to work well for my own 2018 Bolt EV): I'm happy to switch to a different PID (or support multiple PIDs), but before I do I'd like to understand why these sometimes provide odd values. Perhaps there's a model year dependency? What year Bolt EV do you drive? Also, in the PID list there are four different PIDs, 220046, 22232C, 22801E, and 22801F, I assume these are the ones shown on your screenshot above?
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