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  1. I'm not so sure, we've been seeing this sort of error a lot recently (for future reference, we do look at and respond to the "report error" emails you can send us when the route fails). Do you have any idea how this happened and how we might replicate the bug?
  2. Your starting departure charge is 10%, as is your arrival charge, which leaves no room to drive with. On that particular route, you only need to use 1% charge to get to the nearest supercharger, giving the planner any margin to work with solves the problem: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=4b212993-b273-4bb8-aadf-a9a87c9a1460
  3. An excellent find, thanks for doing the digging on this and posting your answer!
  4. If you're seeing the data live on the website, I'm receiving the data! When I get a chance I'll re-run my analysis and see if we've got enough Niro data points for a good model yet, perhaps we can upgrade the eNiro out of alpha soon!
  5. Ah, this is an oversight on my part, the website would get latched on the old system and not retry the new one if it already saw data on the old one. I've updated this and it should work now @green light and @Cnous3, give it another try? Ah, actually for you I can do you one better! I built out a proper telemetry API instead of having to replicate the PIDs, should be easier to implement for you and easier to maintain in the future. I promise I'll get it properly documented at some point... I'll PM you with the details.
  6. Can Car-Net retrieve data while you're driving your e-Golf? That would be the ideal, so we can update your data and you can follow the plan in your car. Also, regular data points while driving produce the most accurate driving models for the planner.
  7. Absolutely! Send me and Bo an email (jason@abetterrouteplanner.com and bo@abetterrouteplanner.com) and we'll talk some details.
  8. Good catch, I've updated the instructions, but the address should be /ioniq28 (to match the format of the other vehicles' addresses, and to make it easier to differentiate support for the new higher-capacity Ioniq later this year).
  9. Thanks for bringing that to my attention! We'll get the certificate registered for the shortform of the URL, in the meantime I've updated the link in the post.
  10. Thanks! Updated this link as well.
  11. Fixed, now points to the OBD Live Data blog post:
  12. Issuing a new token shouldn't invalidate your old token (We do plan to add an interface at some point so you can manage tokens associated with your account). That means something else must be broken - my money is on the "refresh" button on the live data display, I'll have a look at that and see if I can identify anything odd.
  13. Yes, you can definitely ignore the "email is not valid" message, I'll add a note to the instructions (Torque is correct, the Token is not a valid email). On a related note, best I can tell Torque doesn't actually send a test query to me, so I'm not sure the "Test Settings" is actually valuable. Your Lat/Long aren't stored at all, but they are used for elevation lookup and for the front-end driving mode. It only exists long enough to send to the website for driving mode. Additionally, by switching from emails to tokens adds an additional layer of protection making it harder to trace your data back to you. I do understand if you're still concerned and don't want to send them - I don't think your telemetry will actually work for driving mode without it though (Of course I'm happy to be proved wrong!)
  14. This is expected, since Torque checks for a valid email format, and the token is not a valid email. It will still work, though! Great news! What did you have to do to get it to create a token? Or did refreshing / trying again do the trick?
  15. Thanks for the report! I'll get this fixed soon with some other settings work, if you have suggestions or requests for the settings send them my way and I'll see if I can accommodate!

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