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  1. Have you checked on the edit link on the charger popup? Perhaps the source we gather the information from has it wrong?
  2. Hmm, we'll have to think about how to enable this function without allowing odd behavior in other cars (like starting from the top of a hill in 100% and reaching the bottom with 105%).
  3. We've updated a few of our web-request handling scripts to make them much faster, and this was a little bug that @Bo (ABRP) fixed, it should be better now!
  4. Ah, that's a quirk of how Torque formats PIDs for server logging. Since there are only two piece of data on that one PID, I figured I was safe in not creating a pseudo-PID for them like I did with the others. A potential solution might be to rename the PID to something that falls behind `001_Outdoor Temperature` alphabetically, perhaps `z001_Indoor Temperature` and see if that gets Torque to send the Outdoor "first", ensuring it gets the slot when going to ABRP. Otherwise, I'll need to make a pseudo-PID for it and set up the server to receive.
  5. Definitely something we can think about, though not a capability yet. The question is how best to implement such a feature, perhaps once charging has stopped at a given waypoint push the next destination? I'd expect something like a checkbox "Auto-push to Tesla" or similar.
  6. Hmm, this is a feature we don't really support just yet, the way I currently do this when presented with this option is to set the charge-to% to 100, then run the plan. Then subtract whatever I don't need off of the 100%. So if it gets me to the next charger at 35%, then I reduce the charge-to % by 25 to 75%, so I arrive at 10%
  7. Based on your explanation, I suspect you're already familiar with our "Next Chargers" function, which finds alternatives for the next charger we're proposing. So essentially, if I'm understanding your proposal right, you want us to check alternates in the background occasionally so that it's always available when you click "Next Chargers", as opposed to having to wait for the planner to check?
  8. What do you see when the route fails? We're aware of a display bug with iOS devices, but if you're also seeing plan failures in the Tesla Browser that indicates some other kind of issue. Could you send us a screenshot of the settings, or there's generally a "Report Error" link which will allow you to send an email to us with the plan details so we can investigate further. Hope we can solve this for you!
  9. I believe the problem was in my backfill code, where it would fill in missing telemetry if it existed in the previous set. For now I've disabled that code, and will troubleshoot and restore that function later this weekend. It seems to work as expected now.
  10. Glad you like it! This is something we've been tracking for a while, there's a number of factors that reduce the effect wind has on your drive, like the cars in front of you disrupting the wind flow and making it not as impactful. We've made some attempts at improving it, so it's definitely not as bad as it used to be, but still something we're working on improving.
  11. I tried it out this morning on my commute with Torque (been working on a more plug and play solution that requires less setup than torque), and I got the same result, so something isn't right. Probably something I did when adding support for the Spark, since they share PIDs. Will troubleshoot and fix tonight when I get home from work.
  12. That's very strange, Torque reports reading the PID correctly, but it's not being reported to ABRP. Have you double checked the Data Logging and Upload > Choose what to Log list? Perhaps it somehow got unselected? I went ahead and removed @jcgillespie's and @digitalw0lf's telemetry entries, in case old data was somehow interfering. If you try again, it should repopulate with whatever you're sending ABRP from Torque.
  13. Sorry I missed this, was out of town at the time, did you ever manage to retrieve a token?
  14. We intentionally add 10% buffer to the efficiency over actual data for all cars to account for normal variations in conditions, which would account for the 8%point difference. It should be a better match to your actual consumption than before, as before the suggested reference consumption was a little higher (less efficient). I'll add in @Adame's data when I have some time and see if I still get similar results. Of course, if anyone wants to get more data points at highway speeds (the faster the better) that would help refine that region of the curve.
  15. Presumably we could use What3Words for location input. Here's the link referenced upthread: https://github.com/google/open-location-code/wiki/Evaluation-of-Location-Encoding-Systems For the moment, it's a daunting-enough task re-implementing the site features and redesigning the UI for mobile (and to make it not suck so much on web), that I don't know whether we'll be able to add new features until we get something basic available. But we'll keep this in mind.

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