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  1. This issue was my fault, was working on better integration between front and back on data. The update passed all my tests, but there's some kind of unforeseen interaction between the two that's causing the issues. Until I figure this out and solve the issue I've reverted the update and we should be back to the previous function.
  2. When we produce a plan, we set the URL in the browser to the returned plan's UUID, so when you re-open the browser in-car, the car reloads the page, which recomputes the plan. With @Bo (ABRP)'s update, it won't recompute the plan, and should pick up where you left off on the burndown chart. It may not have all of your historical driving data from the start of the trip, as that may get flushed when the browser refreshes the page.
  3. Jason (ABRP)


    It seems you have Waze opening certain kinds of links by default, you can go into the Android Settings and make sure Waze isn't the default for anything: Settings > Applications > Waze > Open by default > Clear defaults Alternately, the way I like to do this is a little different: Plan on my computer and hit Save Plan Plug phone into Android Auto Open the Saved Plan Click Share > Share Next Step This opens the first stop (charging location, planned break, whatever) in Google Maps (which is my default navigation app), and then both Google and ABRP are going to the same place, so I can use the Live Data mode to track my battery usage and give me arrival estimates and calibration.
  4. Jason (ABRP)

    Spark EV

    If you can get me a copy of the edited PIDs, I will post them in the setup instructions for others to use as well.
  5. What a drive! And a beautiful destination!
  6. These are already available! In Settings > More Settings check "CCS" and you'll have access to all of the non-Tesla CCS chargers in Europe, including Ionity.
  7. Perhaps our "preferred" bonus is not enough. We treat your preferred chargers as if they charge ~30% faster than they actually do, but we have several tuning parameters. If there is a substantially faster charger available, we'll route you there instead. Keeping in mind, of course, that we only use the max speed your car can charge. So if your car is limited to 50kW, you will receive no bonus between a 75 or 150kW charger, as it makes no difference for your car. We would very much rather avoid "forcing" a particular network, as it would very often result in impossible plans.
  8. Standard Range Plus RWD is your car selection. (alpha) just means it's an in-work model, and we don't have enough data yet to make it a fully real-world-data model. It should be quite accurate, nonetheless.
  9. There are several things going on here, first - we store the last plan in your local browser, that way when you reload the page, you've always got the last plan you did until you plan a new one. I don't think that's what's happening here, though. If you have a plan link bookmarked (Looks like: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=e5923eeb-9d6c-4f4c-b004-c08be1e8ca3b instead of https://abetterrouteplanner.com/) then you'll see exactly the behavior you're describing. On pageload, it'll immediately begin planning, but MyTesla takes a second to retrieve the first data point. The planning is faster, so it'll retrieve the plan before it can get your live data. If you change your bookmark to the main site, and load from a saved plan it should resolve your issue.
  10. Unfortunately I haven't had any time to spend on this yet, too many other pressing issues to solve. If anyone has some programming skill, we do have a public telemetry API which would make it very easy to integrate the two for someone who has access to their own E-Tron.
  11. Presumably because it's pretty much never faster to use a Level 2 charger than CCS. The only time you'd need that is when there are large gaps. And even then, you're better driving a lot slower than spending time charging at a Level 2. Here's an example trip from Houston which forces use of a Level 2 charger: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=275ef674-4808-4a42-939d-0ac12eb546f4 The other problem you'll run into is we let the plans go negative sometime to show you when and how a plan isn't possible, but the penalty for going negative isn't high enough to balance the Level 2 chargers. Not an easy solution.
  12. Hmm, not quite enough data just yet to further refine the model. If you want to help out, the best way is to spend a few minutes driving at a series of speeds. Perhaps set your cruise in 5mph / 10km/h increments and spend 5-10 minutes driving each speed on your next road trip?
  13. @Bo (ABRP) had a chance to look and fix this issue this morning:
  14. My opinion - there's only one way to become an expert: Starting as an amateur! Do any of your Pi devices have an OBD port you could plug in? We could certainly work with that to devise a means of probing the CAN bus. Python has a very nice OBD module that's fairly easy to use, we'd need to work out a learning algorithm, first finding all of the PIDs that respond, then figuring out which ones provide useful information.

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