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  1. So, this turns out to be a bit more complicated, and resource intensive to implement. Doable, but haven't spent the time yet to do it. The main limitation is that we have to cache the entire road network into memory for speed, and for every permutation of checkboxes we have to re-cache the network. We still intend to add this in as a feature, but it's not a high priority right now.
  2. @siberx - For the 2020 Bolt the Capacity PID is broken and provides very strange readings, could you remove that from logging in Torque and try the planning again with fresh data? We are experimenting with using the kWh Charged parameter to calibrate SoH without the capacity reading. @SS-Leaf - I took a look at your live data and it seems to be mostly fine, although there's a few oddball 0-values (Degradation seems to be at 100% or 0% SoH, and SoC is at 0%). Though perhaps the most recent reading from LeafSpy was with the car off and it wasn't responding correctly? Could you take a screenshot of your live data details with the car on so I can help figure out what's going on? If you'd prefer not to share those details publicly, you can send me an email at jason@abetterrouteplanner.com
  3. This is something on our radar, but not supported yet. We'll look into what it'll take to use these conditionals.
  4. Jason (ABRP)


    Forgot to come back here, we had a particularly nasty bug on iOS in some cases which would cause the destination entry to auto-close like described. That fix is now published.
  5. I'm seeing the same thing, we'll get this fixed.
  6. Nope! Just have that configuration selected as you drive and we'll update the calibration.
  7. Ah, yes, if you have two phones running the notified app that's the right way to set it up.
  8. Well, I ended up removing the is_driving calculation as some testing with @Joaquim Lopes showed it wasn't very reliable. The current version is reverted back to the previous methodology.
  9. In general scrolling on the map also works. Scroll up to zoom in, down to zoom out.
  10. This has been an oft-requested feature, unfortunately we've found it's not particularly easy for us to show our routing engine where the borders are. Definitely something we're keeping in mind as we develop, but as of now there isn't really a good way to force it aside from selecting a waypoint on an alternate route where you'd like to go.
  11. That's definitely not supposed to happen! We'll get it fixed.
  12. No, we plan to your car's charge rate.
  13. That's very strange, I'm running the same code in my Bolt EV and I'm getting quite a decent data rate (one every 5s). Are you set up to easily SSH into the dongle and read the logs while it's running to see if we can determine what's going wrong? Shoot me an email if so and we can do some debugging.
  14. That's very strange, have you disallowed either app access to your location? We recently tracked down a load of bugs related to non-existent position, but perhaps one snuck through. Both apps should work just fine together on the same phone.
  15. Fixed! In french you're looking for the option: "Ajouter ma voiture" under "Sélectionnez le modèle", and then there will be setup instructions for the various options to connect your car. You can see a summary of the options here: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/compare/livedata/ Unfortunately, we haven't translated those yet, so they're all in english.

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