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  1. We don't actually use the 'cumulative energy discharged' parameter for anything, but I've added the rest of them to supported. We also have support for odometer readings if that exists. The full list of supported data can be found here: https://documenter.getpostman.com/view/7396339/SWTK5a8w?version=latest If you want to look through to find more PIDs which would be useful. I've also redirected the setup instructions to your download file.
  2. You're spot on! 51kWh is the exact capacity we use for the 'stock' Model 3 SR+. What were you seeing that suggested we were using a smaller battery? Perhaps we have an inaccuracy in the model somewhere.
  3. Ah, that's on me, I forgot to set it to visible once I finished modelling and testing it. It's available now!
  4. Wow! This is some seriously great data to work from. I've put together an alpha model based on this data, please go play with it on the site and see if it matches up with your experience. We can add Torque Live Data support very easily. Is the PID list your work? If so, would you like us to host the list, or would you prefer to post it on Github (or some other public repository) we can point the download link to?
  5. Thanks @chris-e-niro - we'll keep you in mind! If anyone has the requisite skills to help us with the app UI development, we could definitely speed along the Android Auto implementation and start working it before we finish CarPlay. We've got openings posted on our website, get in touch!
  6. I'm getting the sense that we should do data fusion. SoC while charging via the API for 'charging complete' notifications, OBD data while driving for accurate predictions. Or a cell-connected+BT OBD dongle for remote data too.
  7. Ah, good catch! At some point our Torque response got copied over to the Leafspy response code, I've corrected that, so you should see the expected results now.
  8. Interesting, do you use any of the premium live planning settings like live weather / traffic? If you have the burndown chart active during the drive, is there any kind of pattern where it seems to diverge?
  9. After CarPlay, I think our next priority will be Android Auto since the build tools are finally available. Also, I can't take any credit, it's been mainly the tireless efforts of @Marc Pujol (ABRP) working on the CarPlay builds! I do think we're getting close to something we can post to a very limited Testflight release, so be on the lookout for a request for testers in the next few weeks.
  10. Yes, we need information about charging but not slow charging. I'd love to get some DC Fast Charge data for the Cooper and the i3, at the moment we don't have much at all, so my curve is mostly guesswork based on a couple of external data points.
  11. Ah, that option is from before the new app. It never worked very well, but I think it's still present. That said, we've found it doesn't produce great results on modelling, so I should probably go back and delete that from the data requests.
  12. This is due to the E-Tron's impressive charge curve, it can maintain a full 150kW pretty close to 80% charge, where the Model 3 starts tapering almost immediately (depending on the speed of the charger you're on). This leads them to have very similar ideal leg distances. You can check that out based on our planner calculations on the Car Comparison page: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/compare/cars/ Resetting your settings to defaults won't really change this, as it's a difference on the actual vehicle model, nothing you can set in your user settings. You should see that you get f
  13. Just need Electrified open and sending data to ABRP
  14. Since we got access to the CarPlay build tools first (Apple was much more responsive than Google) we're tackling that, and we'll be building for Android Auto as soon as possible! Bo and I use Android, so we want that just as much as you do!
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