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  1. Jason (ABRP)

    Submitting live data through NOT torque

    Yes, absolutely! For the Ioniq all you need to do is send two types HTTP GET requests. One when you first start a session telling me what units you're sending me, a second at the intervals you want to send me data. The format of the two requests is: Units: http://abetterrouteplanner.com:4441/ioniq_data?eml=jason@abetterrouteplanner.com&session=123456789&time=1536275713174&defaultUniteeba76=C&defaultUnite50c2b=%... Data: http://abetterrouteplanner.com:4441/ioniq_data?eml=jason@abetterrouteplanner.com&session=123456789&time=1536275713174&keeba76=4.4&ke50c2b=55.23... Just add a "k" in front of each PID in the data, and a "defaultUnit" in front of each PID in the Units. For reference, I really only need units for the GPS speed, elevation, OBD Speed and Temperature, the rest doesn't change much user-to-user. The format I generally see is: F or C for temperature, kmh or mph for speed, and ft or m for elevation. I prefer everything in metric, but I've got conversions in place if you give me imperial instead. PID Names: # "email": "eml", # email of user, identifies user "time": "time", # time at which data was taken # "torque_id": "id", # torque ID, identifies user "session_id": "session", # session ID, keeps trips together. Useful for eventually offering viewer. "pack_current": "eeba76", # A "pack_voltage": "e6f992", # V "pack_power": "e0484f", # kW "pack_soc": "e50c2b", # % "pack_capacity": "ea9e51", # % "charger_power": "e52d8a", # unitless, 1 or 0 depending on if charging is taking place "obd_speed": "ee4ea0", # km/h "gps_speed": "ff1001", # km/h "gps_elevation": "ff1010", # m "gps_lon": "ff1005", # deg "gps_lat": "ff1006", # deg
  2. Jason (ABRP)

    Alpha Feedback - Nissan Leaf

    By the way, how is the new computation working for you all? If possible, do we have folks with each model (24/30/40)to check in on the accuracy compared to the dash %?
  3. Jason (ABRP)

    Alpha Feedback - Nissan Leaf

    Give a try to saving ABRP to your home screen, that'll get rid of the address bar at the top of the webpage. You should get a small popup at the bottom of the screen with the offer when you first load up the page. Guess I need to look at making sure the mapless display doesn't bleed over onto its buttons on very small displays, haha!
  4. Jason (ABRP)

    Alpha Feedback - Nissan Leaf

    These equations are currently being used to calculate the actual ABRP % currently, and yes, I'm using separate constants for each Leaf model. I pasted the code up above somewhere with the constants I'm using. @Stefan_K and @JohnT, I checked the log and I had a stupid little error in the processing (Didn't properly convert the variable type to a number before asking it to do the math). It should be better now, let me know if you continue to see issues.
  5. Jason (ABRP)

    80% charge cap on 50kwh chargers

    Interesting, I haven't encountered a cap on any of the 50kW chargers I've used in my Bolt. Everything I've used has been time-gated or not gated at all, you can charge as long as you like. That seems overly restrictive, as there are sometimes gaps between chargers that you wouldn't be able to make (especially in an e-Golf) without charging to 100%. That being said, I would agree that charging to 89% is suboptimal in this case, we'll have to take a look at the planning algorithm to see why it suggests that. On winter conditions, we don't factor into charge time, but driving consumption you can set the outside temperature and the rain / snow to add some consumption to the drive. We don't have it well dialed in to the Golf yet, so take it with a grain of salt, but it should be pretty close. (personal pet peeve - kWh is a measure of the energy in the battery, kW is a measure of the flow of energy into the battery. One kW for one hour yields one kWh of energy in the battery.)
  6. Jason (ABRP)

    More Supercharger Options

    It will use the charge power vs SoC curve, but it won't necessarily adjust for the maximum current output of the charger, so it might overestimate how fast you can charge. If you're using a charger in our database the power and current / voltage should be used. Either way, we always use the curve, but it may be an optimistic curve.
  7. Jason (ABRP)

    Alpha Feedback - Nissan Leaf

    One note, you should not send me your password via LeafSpy, I don't need it, and it's unnecessarily insecure.
  8. Jason (ABRP)

    Alpha Feedback - Nissan Leaf

    Very strange, are you receiving data on the site? (IE Going to "View Live Data", you see data from your car?) I'll troubleshoot the server further tonight as I have time.
  9. Jason (ABRP)

    Alpha Feedback - Nissan Leaf

    On the new battery computation, it definitely wasn't live last weekend, I just pushed the code this afternoon. Based on the feedback, it seems I need to add some more computation parameters! Per the conversations, I've updated gids_max for the leaf40 to 115.4 For my own sanity, I wrote the equation out: And I believe that makes sense. It also works out to the prior equation when Gids_min is 0 (like in @JohnT's Leaf). So, here's what I've got right now: if model is not None: if model == 24: carmodel = "nissan:leaf:12:24:other" gids_max = 281 gids_min = 0 ahr_max = 65.4 elif model == 30: carmodel = "nissan:leaf:16:30:other" gids_max = 365 gids_min = 0 ahr_max = 83.5 elif model == 40: carmodel = "nissan:leaf:18:40:other" gids_max = 495 gids_min = 50 ahr_max = 115.4 soc = (gids-gids_min)/((gids_max-gids_min)*ahr/ahr_max) If we can fill in any other model parameters, I'd be happy to update for the rest of them! @Stefan_K, I just checked on the server, and it appears to be up and running. That message ("OK!") is the message that Torque Pro requires, I send a different one to LeafSpy, so you shouldn't be getting that response from the server. Can you double check that you have set the path correctly (http://abetterrouteplanner.com:4441/leaf## - where ## is your battery size)?
  10. Jason (ABRP)

    IOS & Android App ?

    Shoot me and @Bo (ABRP) an email (jason@abetterrouteplanner.com & bo@abetterrouteplanner.com), we'd love to chat!
  11. Jason (ABRP)

    More Supercharger Options

    Added these to our issue tracker! Both good ideas. You can kind of do #2 pretty easily by adding that charger as a waypoint, and setting a SoC target in the waypoint options (Gear symbol next to the waypoint in the list)
  12. Jason (ABRP)

    Accurate Planning

    Glad you've found it so accurate! One thing you can do to help improve the service and make it even better is to have your phone up on the dashboard, and follow along with a plan using your phone's GPS. You'll get a battery symbol with arrows to adjust the estimated vs actual percentage. If we're off compared to what your dashboard says, just correct the battery symbol, and we'll store that as a data point and use it to correct our I-Pace model. If we're spot on, you can just tap the middle of the battery, and it'll store that data point as well!
  13. Jason (ABRP)

    Alpha Feedback - Nissan Leaf

    As it turns out, I had another user propose a computation method to me in private messages, hopefully it matches up with what you were going to suggest! Decoding the inputs I'm receiving from LeafSpy, here's the formula he proposed to use to replicate the displayed SoC: Gids/(Gids_max*Ahr/Ahr_max) Where Gids_max = 281, 365, 460 and Ahr_max = 65.4, 83.5, 112.6 (respectively for the 24, 30, 40kWh Leafs) The idea being that Gids is a measure of the current actual capacity of the battery, and Ahr is the measure of the maximum capacity of the battery with degradation included. I've implemented this now on the server, so hopefully it doesn't cause any issues and matches up better to your displayed SoC! I've also changed it so that it won't do anything with data that includes a negative SoC. Did you have any other ways you'd want the filter to behave? If you'd like to review what LeafSpy sends my way, and make a different suggestion it's on pgs 39-40 of the LeafSpy user manual
  14. Jason (ABRP)

    Alpha Feedback - Kia Niro

    Great! Let me know if you have any issues setting it up, and check your setup with the "View Live Data" in More Settings!
  15. Jason (ABRP)

    Option for Tesla CCS-chargers

    Interesting, when I select TM3 and Tesla CCS it seems to show quite a few chargers. Perhaps try forcing a hard refresh of the page? (Ctrl + f5)

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