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  1. Jason (ABRP)

    Hello all

    How did our prediction do on the cold and wet? That's probably the weakest point of our dataset, since I added the model in Summer we have very little cold weather data analysis done yet.
  2. Jason (ABRP)

    Change Consumption Units by Region instead of Car

    Of course they did. Well, if we guess wrong for any vehicle, you can always change the units using the toggle button:
  3. Thank you for contributing your Kona or Niro EV Data! The Niro and the Kona share a drivetrain, and thus can share PIDs between them. Please download the following PIDs and install them to your phone: Full PID Lists from JeJuSoul on GitHub. You will need (at minimum) the following files from the Hyundai Kona EV & Kia Niro EV> extendedpids directory: 002_Kona&Niro_EV_HVAC.csv 003_Kona&Niro_EV_BMS.csv ABRP_Kona&Niro_PIDs.csv The other files provide more insight, but are not needed by ABRP. Download these to your phone and return to the Generic Instructions. Keep this tab open, as you will need to reference the desired PID list. When needed by the Generic Instructions, these are the PIDs you will need to select for Logging. Required PIDs PID Title !_ABRP_Battery Current !_ABRP_Battery DC Voltage !_ABRP_Battery Power !_ABRP_Fast_Charging !_ABRP_State of Charge BMS !_ABRP_State of Charge Display !_ABRP_Max Deterioration GPS Altitude GPS Latitude GPS Longitude Speed (GPS) Speed (OBD) 001_Outdoor Temperature Webserver URL Finally, you need to tell us what vehicle you're driving, since there's no difference between the data points. Choose the appropriate URL based on your car: http://abetterrouteplanner.com:4441/kona64 http://abetterrouteplanner.com:4441/kona39 http://abetterrouteplanner.com:4441/niro64 http://abetterrouteplanner.com:4441/niro39
  4. Jason (ABRP)

    Red line in ABRP route

    That's exactly what it means, good guess! Driving slower generally means better range (to a certain point). If it's faster to drive slightly slower and skip a charger, then the planner will recommend that. Basically, if you leave "Slower If Needed" checked, it'll try and optimize routes by driving speed as well as charge duration and actual route taken to get there. There's a bit of guesswork involved, since that greatly increases the search space of the route planning, but it can make routes possible that previously weren't. We don't have a way to set a minimum speed, but you can set your max speed you're comfortable driving, and your typical speed as a percentage of the speed limit (I generally set 110% to 115%).
  5. Jason (ABRP)

    Alpha Feedback - Nissan Leaf

    As a matter of fact, we do take that into account! We used charts like the ones published by Fastned (link) to create the charge curves for the various Leaf models. It should be very close to what you actually experience in the vehicle. I will also note that we don't take battery temperature into account when charging yet. Sometime in the future, perhaps.
  6. I'm not sure what would have changed between yesterday morning and last night when I tried it, but glad to hear it's working again. If it ever does it again, could you bring up the developer console (F12) and take a screenshot of the console messages, see if there are any errors?
  7. Jason (ABRP)

    Saved route A->B->C->B is incorrectly restored as A->B->C

    Aha, a pesky little "bug caused by a bugfix", should be working as expected now. The problem was in trying to reset the "round trip" mode when loading a saved plan, it was trimming off the last destination, regardless of how many destinations you had set. Thanks for the report!
  8. That's very strange, what browser are you using? I just tried it in Chrome and it seems to be working as expected.
  9. Jason (ABRP)

    Alpha Feedback - Nissan Leaf

    To use the LeafSpy data while driving, all you have to do is get LeafSpy flowing data to the server, then start a plan on the website, it'll ask you if you want to use the live data to start the plan and then when you start driving it'll show you a graph tracking your progress versus the planned progress. Word of warning, I still have some naive assumptions about the SoC percentage, so it won't quite match the plan yet.
  10. Jason (ABRP)

    Alpha Feedback - Nissan Leaf

    @Benja - That error means I'm still sending the wrong response from the server. Torque expects one kind of response, and I haven't quite figured out how to format the response the way LeafSpy expects, I suppose. If it's any consolation, I do see some data from several leafs, so it's likely yours is one of them! Send me a PM if you want me to check on your information directly, so we can figure out which one is yours. I am working on a telemetry display so you can just look at a little page on the planner to see your data and confirm it exists.
  11. Jason (ABRP)

    Alpha Feedback - Nissan Leaf

    No rush, there's several others logging Leaf data already just from having the instructions posted on the blog, so if errors are generated I'll see them and fix them. Will probably be some growing pains due to the different format between LeafSpy and Torque
  12. Jason (ABRP)

    Charging duration

    Since the Kona and Niro packs are identical, they share a charge curve. This is backed up by the real-world tests performed by users (you can see Bjorn Nyland's videos on 175kW chargers). As far as charging speed on lower-speed chargers, we work with the data that's provided to us by the charger databases. If maximum current information is available, we use that to determine the fastest speed your car can charge at. Otherwise, we have to work from the kW rating of the charger, which may mis-estimate the speed your car will actually charge at, but it should be close. The actual charge time is calculated from an interpolated charge curve that I've generated based on real-world data from those who actually have Konas and published information about them. The Niro EV is a great car, it'd be high on my list if I didn't already have an EV in my garage!
  13. Jason (ABRP)

    Alpha Feedback - Nissan Leaf

    Saw that one in the log, had a divide-by-zero error that should be solved now. Great to see that you're seeing data in driving mode now!
  14. Jason (ABRP)

    Supercharger Lully properly considered one-way only

    This is an excellent catch! @Bo (ABRP) - Any thoughts on this? I replicated this in the OSRM demo, exactly the same routing bug, so I don't think it's in our code: OSRM Replication Link OSRM Replication with just the Supercharger and Payerne I've submitted a bug report to OSRM, though it could be an issue with Open Street Map as well.
  15. Jason (ABRP)

    Alpha Feedback - Volkswagen eGolf

    Agreed, we use the charge curves provided by Fastned for the two e-Golf models (link), and the route planner is time-optimized in 5% battery steps, so it'll generally keep your charging in that range. If it's faster to charge a little bit past 80% instead of going off-route to find a whole new charger, it'll pick that instead. It will also account for the "stop overhead", which is the "Time to Open Charge Port" setting, which is the extra amount of time you assign to each stop to pay at the charger, and initiate the charge. A higher setting will mean fewer stops for longer charges, lower setting can mean more stops. Thanks for the kind words! Also, if you've got an e-Golf, we're still looking for a way to connect car telemetry to the site so you can follow your plans in the car (and we can improve our car models). Does Volkswagen have any kind of telemetry API, or perhaps there's an OBD reader app / PID list that could be used to get data?

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