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  1. We really appreciate the bug report, we'd love to get the plan/drive details from you via email so we can replicate it and fix the issues. Could you email them to bugs@abetterrouteplanner.com ?
  2. Hmm, which telemetry method are you using? If Torque, could you add the GPS Bearing to the logged parameters? It may be that the app isn't certain which way you're travelling on a round trip drive.
  3. Ah, of course, that's right. You can only have one custom car for now. The delete function should work, I've just now deleted and re-added my car. That said, if you're still sending in live data it'll create a new vehicle as our workaround for backwards compatibility to live data which was set up prior to the new App being available. If you'd like, send me a PM and I can check on your user ID on the server to see if there's something strange going on with your vehicle that's preventing you from deleting it.
  4. Are you logged into the site? The "Add My Car" feature is only available when logged in with your ABRP account. Select the ABRP icon in the upper corner to bring up the sidebar, then select "ABRP Login".
  5. Thanks! I've added it to our tracker and we'll work on improving this display.
  6. This is already present (if not the best place to see it):
  7. We are working with @g4rb4g3 to make both available, sometime soon! For now, if you select "About ABRP", there's a link to the classic version in there: Which should allow you to switch over (at least temporarily) to that version.
  8. Ah, that did expose a little bug on the ID.3, this is fixed now and working again. Thanks for the report!
  9. Is this still an issue with the current version? I've added it to our bug tracker to try to reproduce / fix. Will be somewhat difficult with most places on lockdown, so hopefully soon!
  10. Dragging routes is already on our to-do list! The main thing to figure out is how to do a good cross-platform implementation.
  11. That would be great, we'd be happy to get directly in contact with them, feel free to send them our emails: jason@abetterrouteplanner.com bo@abetterrouteplanner.com Or send us contact information so we can reach out. We have found using the publicly listed contact information is often met with silence.
  12. This is something we're figuring out the best way to handle, as it does require you do some custom setup with Electrify America, and won't necessarily be true of every Kona. You'll notice we also don't have pricing for members with most networks as well. One of the bigger hurdles is figuring out how to retrieve those prices from the networks themselves.
  13. Added this to our bug tracker, will be fixed soon! In the meantime you can always zap the ad with an adblocker like uBlock Origin to get it out of the way.
  14. Ah, definitely could be. None of us speak any German (among many other languages), so we have open sourced our translations: https://github.com/iternio/abrp-translations Please help us if you can, we'd be glad to have improvements!
  15. https://abetterrouteplanner.com/classic/ We're definitely happy to take your feedback on how to improve the new site, still a work in progress as we build in features. The old site will not get any of the new features we're bringing online unfortunately, as it's too much work to maintain both those and the new apps for iOS and Android.

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