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  1. Thanks for being so willing to help out @Radek Wroński! We'd love to connect directly with Greenway, if you'd like to send them our contact info (bo@abetterrouteplanner.com, jason@abetterrouteplanner.com). Like you say, we're getting the charger data from Plugsurfing, who it seems have generally good live station status, but poor power data for each stall. We've submitted quite a few issues with their data to them, but it wouldn't hurt to hear it from extra mouths. If you submitted it to OpenChargeMap, it'd be the same as GoingElectric, our priority when trying to determine what the mos
  2. @vag - huh, do you have the ability to SSH into the AutoPi and check the logs? https://community.autopi.io/t/guide-how-to-ssh-to-your-dongle/386 If so, try adding: debug=True To the Job's Kwargs, then restart the AutoPi (to restart the job), SSH in, and run: sudo tail -f /var/log/salt/minion | grep ABRP Which will isolate just the logs associated with the ABRP script. See if there's anything useful that would tell us what's going on causing the issue?
  3. @muhmann I bet the Ioniq 38 uses the same PIDs as the Kona/Niro since it's on their newer battery platform, so we added that to the support list, can you try it out and report back?
  4. That's very strange, and you're certain you have the most recent version of the script? I haven't changed it in the last month or so, and it's been working pretty much constantly for me.
  5. Was that on a route with very little elevation change? We've found that weight has very little effect on range when on flat ground, and so we neglect its effect there to improve the computation speed. We may add it back in later. If you're using a live data source which provides all the data needed to calibrate we'll calibrate your consumption curve to include this effect, though, so it'll be very accurate.
  6. For Tesla we don't have a way to directly retrieve the degradation or capacity so we calibrate while charging. The Tesla API reports how much energy is fed to you by the charger, so we track that against your battery percentage to determine the degradation. That said, the process could probably do with some refinement, as with only a few measurements it's prone to the behavior you describe.
  7. @conny - this is already done on the web version of the app. Our intention is that if you're in the car following a plan on your phone, it's really only useful to navigate to the next waypoint on the list, as the waypoint following that might change depending on how much you charge, or how the weather or traffic changes in the interim.
  8. @Phil Hays - It actually does do this right now, but it looks like we've got a little display bug. If you load up your configuration and exit and re-enter the settings it'll update the displayed value. We'll get that fixed so it updates the displayed value immediately on switching configurations. But it does seem to be working as expected otherwise.
  9. As I suspect @lfornaciari has done, the best thing here is to send an email to our support address and we'll take a look at the account. Easy way to do this is just press the "Tell us what you think" button in the app, or email directly at premium@iternio.com (for questions specifically about premium subscriptions) or support@iternio.com for general support stuff.
  10. @moritzoes Ah, yeah, we have a known issue with Plugsurfing, a lot of their EMSP data from many providers is incorrect, and we're pressing on them to fix it. If they don't fix it, we'll look into corrections we can apply on our side, but we'd rather correct the source information. While we work on it, you can submit issues to Plugsurfing for ENBW to point them to the problem areas, perhaps that would help?
  11. Great to hear! Feel free to PM me or email me if you've got questions on how to make it work. Awesome! Glad to hear it.
  12. Hmm, strange, we rely on power data from LeafSpy for the calibration, but I thought that was added quite a few versions ago. Did LeafSpy have an update recently?
  13. Glad to hear it's working as intended now! And to avoid sleep management, don't even need to remove the manage_sleep function itself, just where it's called on the second line you quoted. I also just pushed a version that adds a 0.1kW power tolerance on the sleep function, only keeps you awake if you have >= 0.1kW power.
  14. Jason (ABRP)

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    This is a little complicated to do, but we're working on it!
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