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  1. Good suggestion! This is one that might be better as a planner improvement instead of another setting. One problem we're currently working on is how to keep the settings page from getting overbloated. Right now it's fairly daunting for a new user. We are working on the "useless" charge stops though, so hopefully not something you have to deal with for very long!
  2. The easiest way is for us to get an interconnect agreement with the network that operates those chargers and get the data from them. Do you have contact information for them? The second-best way is to add them yourself to OpenChargeMap (Their interface is a little clunky, but the most universal coverage). The "Add Charger" form is at this link: https://openchargemap.org/site/poi/add - Once the charger is approved by OCM we'll pick it up within 24 hours and you'll see it on our map.
  3. Oh, I thought you were going to PM me with some options, not "same options". I do know how the renaming works, it's just unexpected that each save generates a completely new file with the automatic title. 'Update saved' works unless something got lost along the way. "I have been working on New York so long and somewhere along the way New Mexico vanished and I cannot get it back", that's why I mentioned versioning.

    Not that that's what happened to me. I just lost all my work. Not sure what the UUID is, my understanding is that the Mac backs up the entire computer once an hour for the first 24 hours then it starts to overwrite those backups. If a UUID is something I could restore from those backups I could get my work back? The clock is ticking...

    Are you saying "all is lost, start again"? I could at least try to rebuild it from memory.


  4. I think an "update saved" button would be pretty easy to implement, but as of now, not yet, aside from saving a new copy & deleting the old one. You can rename your plans using the button on the Saved Plans list shaped like a pencil, which would allow you versioning if you like. The route shown on reloading the page is the one stored in local browser memory from the last time you planned a route in that browser. Unfortunately, without the UUID it would be very difficult to retrieve the old plans (I'll PM you with some options).
  5. Sorry, that was an example for a different car. I definitely had the wrong PID in the server, I've added 220100 to the server as Kona / Niro temperature so it should work now.
  6. Once you have a plan up, click "Next Chargers" at the top of the plan listing, it'll query the planner for next charger alternatives and in a few seconds it should give you a popup like the one in Bo's screenshot.
  7. Hmm, everything seems to be running, and your telemetry entry in the database shows good data. (I also updated the Niro temperature parameter in the server, it had the Ioniq's PID, copy & paste error!) Perhaps try forcing a refresh? Ctrl + F5 on a desktop, force closing and re-opening the "app" version of the website if you have that.
  8. We do already place a high weight on chargers with more stalls, so you should see something of that effect already. We generally prefer not adding hard routing restrictions, so we don't fail to plan a route when the only charger option is a charger with only 1 stall.
  9. I think the main hitch there is that we don't have knowledge of the cost of many of the chargers. Perhaps one day we'll implement something like PlugShare's user-editing of our charger listing, but so many of the free chargers aren't associated with any networks, so it would be hard to know the cost accurately.
  10. I've passed this along to Bo, who can investigate (sadly, I don't have a Tesla to test in. One day!) Thanks for bringing this to our attention!
  11. A little of both, actually. The ABRP login is for synchronizing plans on the website, Tesla Login is for data sharing and live drive plan following.
  12. I'll take a crack at solving this one soon, planning to make some changes to the plan display and settings page to help usability.
  13. A good suggestion, we'll add it to the to-do list! One thing you could do to approximate this for now would be to set the charger as a long break. It'll prefer the charger (and save that setting), but of course will charge you to 100%, so won't be optimal.
  14. That's a good idea, I'll add that to my to-do list!
  15. This should already be possible, if not obvious. If you copy and paste a lat/long pair into the waypoint text, then don't choose any of the suggestions we'll use that point to route. Example: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=0327174c-8c81-4ec6-aae9-1479e46b4407 You can exit the location suggestion dropdown by clicking outside it anywhere.

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