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  1. It was mentioned that it's technically possible to get ABRP running on Android Auto although not really recommended. Still, i was a bit bored and had an old phone so decided to give it a try. Keep in mind, this is on a 7" screen in a 5 year old car that did not originally have Android Auto enabled. ABRP is being displayed using AA Stream which needs root to do so.
  2. I recently drove from Ireland (metric units) to Northern Ireland ("British" Imperial units). Rather than using a round trip plan I did it in two separate plans. On the way up to NI the units were in km and this was very helpful as it converted the speed limits for me when I crossed the border. However, when I planned the trip back to Ireland it switched to "British" units. I assume based on the location? I'm not sure if this is a bug or by design. It would be preferable to force the units to stay in a default unit, or at least an option to do so. Probably a bit of a rare case alt
  3. He got pretty annoyed during the live stream, even swearing. Definitely not good that it was down,... and still broken.
  4. ...and Bjorn Nyland was testing ABRP Premium today. He couldn't login. Not good for the site as it could have seen a lot more people joining & subscribing if it went well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oCQvYvXktYM
  5. Description: Live data is turned on in ABRP and the EVNotify account is connected; However, the app is showing 100% charge and has not updated in several hours (9.30am~ today UTC+1) Type: Was this on the App (please note what version), or webpage (which link?) Both app and website. Link to Plan: If the bug is in finding a route, please copy the plan link here (found under "Share"). Does not affect only one plan. Replication Steps: Replication Steps If applicable Remember, the more detail you can provide in your bug report, the faster we can fi
  6. Just finished my trial and paid my subscription - went on a trip today and it dropped the live SOC from EVNotify as soon as I left. Now I'm back home and it's reporting my car is still 100%. I also got caught out with the incorrect password bug... it had logged out and I was trying to plot the trip back home. No dice. I ended up winging it. In theory ABRP is great, in practice there are a lot of bugs.
  7. Thanks, I've just sent you an email Jason. What battery sizes are you using for the ZOEs? They generally have a higher kWh available than advertised. EV-database.org gives some good info on this. I was thinking perhaps if you could calculate the kWh used based on model & SOH but the accuracy may not be great. I've checked my own and it has 2% degradation and 22.8kWh remaining, which matches with the ev-database 23.3kWh net figure. Both Q210 and R240 have 23.3kWh batteries, the ZE40's have 41kWh batteries, and ZE50's have 52kWh batteries. All net values.
  8. I think I may be missing part of the trip, possible due to network issues. I may do another test trip tomorrow or thursday.
  9. "My Drives" looks to be broken. I'm not sure if it's just my account, Zoes in general, or all... If I look at my 12th July drive for example, it shows - I switched on ABRP when i started with SoC from EVNotify. Then I drove to the planned charge stop along the route and plugged in. I charged up to the recommended charge percent. I think it was 41%, just to see how it would all play out. During the charge it told me to leave a few times, not really sure why. I left the charge stop and drove to my destination, and when I was done I drove back. The saved drive shows th
  10. That requires using the graph. In the table mode you have no such SoC visible. Regarding location, moving the map away from your current location it will recenter but that takes time. Whereas on the trip plan pressing that location snaps quickly to the current location.
  11. Description: When selecting "Automatic Settings" initially after loading app or website, the Departure SoC and Reference Consumption are not using Live data. This was only enabled by opening "Car Model" and selecting the stored car. From there on, turning off "Automatic Settings" will turn off the live data for these points and turning it on again will also turn live data back on. Type: Was this on the App (please note what version), or webpage (which link?) Issue is visible on website, beta website, and Android app 4.0.13 Link to Plan: If the bug is in fi
  12. On a route plan, live data and my location buttons are showing in the top right hand corner. See screenshot. Upon selecting navigate, both the live data and my location buttons disappear. Is this expected behaviour? it seems a bit counterintuitive. Can they be retained? ABRP 4.0.13 on Samsung Galaxy A50 with Android 10 (1 July 2020 patch), EVNotify for Live Data from Renault Zoe
  13. Thanks Jason! it looks to be fixed now
  14. Just to add, even the desktop version is crashing. Page just went white when I added a custom waypoint.
  15. Device: Samsung Galaxy A50 with stock Android 9 running 1 March 2020 Security Patch Application: A Better Route Planner Android App 3.9.14 Error: When selecting a location the map for route planning, the app crashes and closes. Route planning is only possible by entering an address and picking from the list.
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