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  1. "3D" maps look great. I had some issue with the app starting saved trips from the head unit. I selected navigate but then no navigation started. It took about 3 attempts before it actually started the route.
  2. @Samuel-ABRP had a chance to test today and bug appears to be fixed. Thank you!
  3. Yes, that's correct. Thanks, for the update.
  4. Issue still occuring and It seems like there's some form of timeout. Noticed it when I stop at a waypoint and unplug the phone. When I resume the journey, the app has logged out. Additionally if I log in one day and use the app, then when I open it the next day it will be logged out.
  5. It's been some year or so since I've used it last. I can check it out and see. I want to try enable the VESS in reverse also if possible. Mine is silent in reverse as the car came from UK.
  6. Yes, forgot to mention. I am opted into the Android beta.
  7. Description: App is frequently logging out including during waypoint stops on routes. It's happening so often now and very frustrating. Type: Android App v4.0.42 Link to Plan: No Specific plan or steps to replicate.
  8. I used the override because there was too much of a lag in the GPS position coming from EV Notify. That slight lag in SOC wasn't a major issue but with route directions a GPS lag made the app unusable. I look forward to seeing the updated version in beta. Are you aware of the "logging out" issue? is that being worked on? It's happening to me regularly now. Quite frustrating.
  9. Using 4.0.42 (502) and seeing issues in the past week or so where the app is logging me out during a stop en route. It's also losing "Override Car Position" saved setting during these times. Additionally, it's showing some erratic SOC readings. I was on a trip yesterday and for the first 1-2km it was showing a lower SOC than EV Notify, despite being connected and earlier showing the correct reading on desktop. During the trip occasionally the SOC flipped to 50%, where it was much higher.
  10. Hello! thank you for starting this. Here's my 2015 Zoe Dynamique Intens 22kWh. No DC fast charging unlike the new ZE50, but I do have up to 43kW AC fast charging. The car didn't come with Android Auto from factory but I've enabled it when I bought it used a few years ago using DDT4ALL. It works well, no big complaints.
  11. Happy to report that ABRP is now no longer telling me to charge constantly. I don't believe the issue is entirely fixed as it's still showing the charging icon at all times. However, the navigation is much improved. I'll continue to use and test it. I can drive further from home now as restrictions have eased slightly here.
  12. Same for metric, it states "in 500 metre" whereas you would expect it to say "in 500 metres".
  13. The EV Notify developer will clear the connection from his side. It has to be done manually apparently. On the bug for the constant charging state, I opened an issue in his github.
  14. OK, unlinked from ABRP which appears to have removed my car profile. Not sure that's good... On the EV Notify side it appears there's no functionality to unlink. After creating a new car profile on ABRP I'm unable to relink to EV Notify. So, it's not working at all now.
  15. @Samuel-ABRP Sure, this is another video linked below from yesterday where you can see the car settings. I'm only seeing SoC & position. If EV Notify is sharing further with ABRP it's not displaying it. Any idea? I guess that's something on your side. Towards the end of the video you can hear where the navigation on AA is saying to charge. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0Llyj49olA Re the warning at 1:00 in the previous video, this was my phone and unrelated to anything to do with ABRP & EV Notify. I had the screen on and screen recorder running so it was using more power than receiving from the car.
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