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  1. Thanks Jason! it looks to be fixed now
  2. Just to add, even the desktop version is crashing. Page just went white when I added a custom waypoint.
  3. Device: Samsung Galaxy A50 with stock Android 9 running 1 March 2020 Security Patch Application: A Better Route Planner Android App 3.9.14 Error: When selecting a location the map for route planning, the app crashes and closes. Route planning is only possible by entering an address and picking from the list.
  4. On the consumption for mine (Zoe Q210 22kWh), I'm using 220Wh/km since I changed from the old Michelin EV tyres to Michelin Cross Climate+. The consumption with the EV tyres was very close to the ABRP default. In fact, I think I found ABRP a bit conservative by a couple %. Even still, the CC+ are a far better tyre despite the loss in range. I don't regret changing them. The tyre noise is lower and increase in grip is significant.
  5. Description: Ability to force a max speed for a segment of a trip plan. This is similar to what the planner does automatically to ensure you reach the next destination if charging is unavailable; however, this would be manual. It would be preferable to set the speed in the units; however, probably much more consistent with the UI if this was done in percentage. Either would be fine. Use Case: It would allow users to set a plan that better mirrors real world driving situations. An overall reduced speed does not allow this. For example - it may be impractical to do 80% of the posted speed limit on a slower road but this might be preferable on a faster road. The route planner does not allow for differentiation. It's all or nothing.
  6. Thanks Jason! all good now. My input degradation has saved and it's now planning routes again.
  7. I was so happy to discover you're now supporting the Zoe via EV Notify! I've just set it up for my Q210. As EV Notify is only pulling the SOC, the route planner won't work with live data. What's happening is that the SOH is coming in at 0 and then I guess there's no battery to use for the plan. :) Example from mine below. Well, maybe it will take speed but I didn't check as I was driving.
  8. @Jason (ABRP) would you be able to share a graph of the consumption on the Zoe in your model? I'm interested to see how it compares at lower speeds.
  9. @perkabolo I checked it out and I found it more accurate by pushing the Reference Consumption from 4.76km/kWh to 5km/kWh. This is 5%! Now, it depends how you drive of course. I tend to try use regen to my advantage as much as possible, generally slow and steady but some bursts to get up to speed fast. Out of interest, I turned on the sdcard dump for CanZE and it's saving multiple points on various SID's per second.
  10. Thanks Padraig, just joined. I've watched Bob's videos for several years on and off. He seems to be getting into EVs now too which is great. Are you on the Irish EV Owners Association group?
  11. Yes, well actually I found that the route planner was showing worse consumption (I drive eco) for me but I adjusted it slightly and then it was accurate. The only other data I had given was SoC, temperature, and degradation. The lattter was important as my car has the common Zoe 22 BMS bug which shows greater degradation (mine is 32% but not really). Trying to get Renault to do the update, but it was helpful that the routeplanner allows for degradation. I will wait until after the update before submitting data, but it's one thing to keep in mind for your Q210 & R240 data as some of those cars may be impacted. I will check in the output on CanZE to see if it identifies the BMS version. That may help you to have cleaner data for the 22kWh models. I'm not sure that the API will allow frequent enough polling. Even on their own website ZE Services, the polling is minutes. For CanZE I can't see an option in settings for logging to a server. Here's their website for some more info - https://canze.fisch.lu.
  12. Welcome Padraig! I'm in Dublin, just joined yesterday.
  13. Brian D

    Wind Speed

    Description: Change (or Option) for wind speed in km/h. Use Case: Wind speed in metric countries is more commonly communicated in news and weather forecasts with km/h rather than m/s. For imperial you have used mp/h so suggest consistency with units when changing to metric.
  14. The Zoe has a custom app for reading the data, called CanZE. Google Play. How can we use this to provide data? Also, would it be possible to get a Renault Zoe sub-forum? EDIT: if you look at the settings on CanZE it allows for logging of the data to the sdcard. I'm not sure if the format is suitable though.
  15. Brian D


    Thanks! I found the website a while back and was happy to see recently that the Zoe was added. I'll test it out a bit, and may share on the Renault Zoe Owners Club (RZOC) so you might see some more Zoe owners come by.

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