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  1. Hello all. Just took a trip from Miami, FL to Raleigh, NC and back - 1,680 miles/2703 km - in a late 2018 Tesla Model 3 Mid Range with 19" wheels. I adjusted consumption calc to 260 Wh/mile @65 MPH (168 Wh/km @110km/h). This is up from the default ABRP figure of 247 Wh/mi but it worked great accounting for humidity (started driving at ~3 AM), elevation changes, and flowing with traffic in parts at up to 85 MPH (136km/h). Parts of I-95 route are just insane. In the "time to open charge port" field, I added 5 minutes to account for local traffic off the highway and general going around
  2. Hi! and thanks for this great tool. Is it safe to enter my Tesla account and password within the tool/website? Does my account information get stored on your servers or is it just local to my browser session via cookie/token? As this account is the key to all things Tesla for me, I wanted to clarify how is it being used. Thanks! JR
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