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  1. Thanks for the insights, Ned. I just found the PlugShare program a couple days ago and will combine the two for a more complete idea in the future.
  2. Thanks, Jason. Not sure how I’ll approach the trip. Maybe just grit my teeth and try to be patient. At least the scenery will be great for the most part.
  3. I’m planning a trip from the west valley of Phoenix up to Keystone, Colorado. I have entered the normal specifications of the car (Tesla M3 LR AWD) as well as my normal driving habits, etc. the stretch of the trip from Flagstaff to Blanding is 252 miles with no chargers along the way. This part of the route is colored red with the note “max 44 mph.” The travel time is subsequently listed as 5h 55 min. Im presuming that is the max speed I can go with the elevation change and still make it to B,anding with my listed preference of 10% battery remaining. I can’t imagine that this speed would even be safe with highway traffic buzzing past me despite the climb and curves. I’ve looked at the usual mapping with an ICE car and there is no mention of construction or any reason for slower than normal speeds. My questions are: Have any of you had this kind of experience and if so, how did you handle those slow speeds. I have t yet received my car yet, so I’m new to all of this and am looking forward to many more “normal” kinds of trips. Thanks.

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