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  1. I keep getting this message in live data "Missing telemetry: soc, is_charging," How can I fix this ?
  2. Some extra info regarding my issue: When using icognito mode in chrome (ios) I get this error: Missing telemetry: soc,is_charging. (Car was not plugged in for charging) I followed the setup procedure and needed pid data is available in torque(see below)
  3. @digitalw0lf thx, added my issue to that thread
  4. Thanks for the reply @digitalw0lf ! Don't know what the to do next. I will wait and hope someone from development will pick up this issue and fix it.
  5. Hello forum members, Is it normal that the api key changes every time i use a different device ? Should a change the key in torque also ? I cannot get the live data working. car: ampera-e app: torque dongle: vgate pro thanks, Edwin

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