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  1. The “old” ABRP would show charger details on iPad touch screen (distance, time to charge, etc) but these seem to be missing from the “newABRP.” Are they hidden somehow? I found these useful to monitor accuracy and for route planning.
  2. Basic questions, I’m sure: Been NY - Palm Springs several times in Model S, using Tesla Nav or PlugShare. Would like to use ABRP, but cant seem to get the maps 1. to show interstate or road numbers (eg, I-80) 2. Though I “save” a route, when accessing it each time it seems to plan from scratch 3. When planning a new route, the iPad screen background is just gray; no map. Turning on Map Mode doesn’t seem to help thanks
  3. I don't have the details any longer, but going from UT through Glenwood Springs and on to Limon CO, as part of our annual NY-CA-NY winter drive this year, there were uphill, cold weather stretches of very high wh/mi, but the long downhill out of the mountains used about 3% of charge for probably 75+ miles. There were wide swings in "estimated charge on arrival," with some uncomfortable negative numbers, but in the end it was dead-on accurate.
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