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  1. Just got back from driving from Vancouver BC to El Paso Tx and then back. Plan was to stay there for a few months and that was cut short. The driving itself was remarkably stress free thanks to this app. On the whole trip I was only held up once in Blythe CA when the one and only rapid charger wouldn't work and I needed to sit for a few hours at a level 2. (A new bank of chargers is being installed in a nearby town by Electrify America so this won't be a vulnerability in the future.) I was anxious as I started but the predictions on ABRP were very helpful and as I gained confidence in the accuracy, I just relaxed into the drive. Forced stops every two hours or so were actually pleasant breaks and I ended each day feeling okay without stiffness (60yo) and didn't hate the road. I did also use Google Maps and PlugShare when I was stuck in Blythe. Would love to do away with Google Maps and use ABRP alone butt this will require Android Auto integration. I know you're working on it and sooner would be better (though I understand if like many of us, your priorities have undergone a change at this time!). Love the app, loved the trip, sad to have come back early.
  2. We have a JDM Delica L400 van which has taken us to El Paso in the past. We still have it but it is being used very little now as we are driving a 2017 Bolt which we love. Tenting works! Now the problem is getting to El Paso again next March. Can I make it with the Bolt? The Route Planner gives me a plan going home to Vancouver but says no workable plan the other way around (bug report submitted). Maybe we can leave the US but going there is a bad idea? (Sorry, couldn't resist.) On the plan, there are two red sections with red notices about maximum speed. Looks doable but I have to look a bit closer at the elevation change. Anyone done such a long trip? Also, I haven't looked at RV hook up yet and should figure that out. Great service and hope to use it for bigger trips soon! Bolted.

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