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  1. Thanks for the quick response! Glad to hear that a feature like that has been under consideration and I encourage you and your team to pursue it.
  2. Description: The ability for ABRP users to rate certain charging stations and their surrounding area and then use that information to help ABRP users plan their trips. Use Case: Charging can take 10 to 45 minutes, so unless you plan to sit in your vehicle the whole time, you want a positive experience at the convenience store, restaurant, park, mall, etc. The farther you are from home the less likely you'll know about the quality and amenities of the charging station. If ABRP could crowdsource the quality of certain charging stations that would help an ABRP user be able to decide to take one route versus another, or stop a certain charger or skip another. Also, ABRP should bring to the surface what kind of amenities are available at each charging stop -- maybe the rest room at the adjacent gas station is OK for a certain part of the trip, but perhaps you want access to a good restaurant over noon hour. For example, if charging stations were rated on a scale of 0 thru 5, an ABRP user could choose to be routed through a path that had an average rate of four, or all charging stations had to be at least 3.5, etc.
  3. Would ABRP be able to negotiate something with PlugShare that could be subsidized with a subscription model to ABRP's site?
  4. I'm also not seeing OpenCharger options. I planned a trip to Boone, Iowa and it doesn't take advantage of the charger here: https://openchargemap.org/site/poi/details/43279 Why is that? Frank
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