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  1. Overall I’m a happy premium user, using ABRP with CarPlay in my Ioniq. One request for improvement: As soon as the first voice instruction is given by ABRP, my radio mutes and doesn’t come back anymore. Other navigation apps (Waze, Google Maps, Apple Maps) don’t have this issue. I thought I read someone else posting the same bug in this forum but couldn’t find it back anymore.
  2. Yes, I second that, however I will have a live connection through EVNotify very soon. Few bugs I have experienced: Zooming in/out using the +/- buttons doesn't seem to work correctly, I can't plan a route with several stops (not sure if that's a bug though), Sometimes typing in the search box doesn't work, Saved routes shows an empty list, After the first route instructions, the radio sound is suppressed and won't come back anymore. I don't have this with Google Maps or other navigation apps. Nice to haves: When not navigating, have a button to select between North up or Heading up. Right now it's just North up, Be able to switch off verbal instructions via the screen. So a few glitches, but it looks really promising! Thnx again for your great efforts, I'm really happy with it!
  3. Thnx so much, this is a very welcome feature!
  4. Marc O.

    Routing Problem

    Not sure the OP will reply as he seemed to be pretty dissatisfied. The non-toll route is this one: https://www.google.nl/maps/dir/47.1439073,9.920278/47.1225509,9.9963615/@47.1275377,9.9628753,15.11z/data=!4m4!4m3!2m1!2b1!3e0
  5. Definitely need CarPlay support! I'm about to buy a GPS enabled tablet to mount on my dashboard so I can use ABRP, but I would really hate it if I can use ABRP on CarPlay just a couple of weeks later. So I'm really hoping to get some good estimates on when (if at all) this is going to come. Obviously I prefer to use it on CarPlay rather than on a tablet. I'm already a premium user, so you already have my full support and I'll keep supporting you if CarPlay really hits the app 🙂
  6. Yes, big advocate for dynamic speed limits as well. Almost caught by surprise yesterday, when I drove a >150km trip with speed 130 instead of the proposed 100km/h.
  7. Marc O.

    No live data

    Fixed it by creating a new account/akey in EVNotify. And signed up for the Premium membership as well. Good apps can’t be all free, right? ;) Just hope the Apple Carplay integration can be done really soon 😀
  8. Marc O.

    No live data

    Just checked the /classic version of the website. I actually does show the 'Use live data' button (but I guess it's hard coded) but there's no live data shown.
  9. PS: Created a new topic for the above, please see https://forum.abetterrouteplanner.com/topic/1904-no-live-data/
  10. Marc O.

    No live data

    Description: No live data from EVNotify. Type: app (iOS 4.0.15) AND web Car: Hyundai Ionic 28kWh I have an existing account on ABRP and a new account on EVNotify. Both are linked, as confirmed in the settings within the EVNotify app. Location sharing and background mode is switched on in the EVNotify app (Android phone which stays in the car). I'm receiving live data on the EVNotify app on my iPhone as well as in the web.evnotify.de interface. ABRP doesn't show the option to use live data. Not in the app and not in the web interface. Deleted and recreated my car several times, but no positive result.
  11. Same issue here, not seeing the 'Live data' buttons / icons. Not in the iOS app and not in the web version. Tried to delete and recreate my car (and even a completely different make and model), tried different browsers, but nothing seems to make a difference. Live data works in EVNotify and I successfully 'connected' that with ABRP.
  12. For me, Carplay is the most desired functionality for ABRP right now, and the only thing that keeps me from paying for a Premium membership that has just been rolled out.
  13. Great! By the way, I would be happy to pay some money to use the live data option. Why not make it available through some sort of in-app purchase?
  14. Without map, what do you mean with that? Some kind of setting? Googled for it but couldn't find it (apologies upfront if it appears to be a real noob question after all).
  15. And Apple Carplay please 🙂
  16. Has this been solved? I' ll need to buy a dedicated phone and mobile contract but it'll be worth it, been desperately waiting for an ARBP app 🙂
  17. Same happens with me (Ioniq): https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=7ca02fb4-e505-40d4-8f14-0bcf1db19fdf
  18. Just would like to confirm this is now working as expected. Many thanks 😀👍
  19. Many thnx, will do some further testing now as discussed via PM 🙂
  20. Marc O.

    Hi there

    Thnx, and best wishes for 2019 for all of you.
  21. Description: Detailed description of the feature you want to add. Would be nice to be able to enter a margin for the ‘Charger arrival charge’ (CAC for now). Right now (when I set CAC to f.e. 20%), abrp wants me to stop and charge for just 2 minutes in order to arrive at the next (faster) charger with 20% SoC, which doesn’t really make sense. I wouldn’t mind driving to 16%, I just don’t want to stop for 2 minutes at a relatively slow charger but rather drive directly to the faster charger and go a few percentage point below my CAC. Of course I could set CAC to 10% or something in between 10% and 20%, but then it will still send me to an ‘in between’ charger for a few minutes, and I would rather not go that low structurally with an Ioniq with a relatively small margin to look for alternative chargers in case of an issue. Use Case: Describe how you would use the feature, or how often. This helps us assess prioritization on new features. I would use this especially on longer trips with multiple charging stops.
  22. By the way, testing now on my Windows laptop. Again, it remembered the ‘do not use these stations’, but had to manually add the prefered networks again.
  23. PM sent! Do you store these preferences in cookies or in the account?
  24. Agree, even on my iPad they are difficult to read.
  25. Hi Bo, No I’m sorry, it still doesn’t remember them when I log-in to abrp again after a day. However it doés remember the ‘do not use this charger’. Tried Safari and Chrome on iPad. Anything else I can try?
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