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  1. Just for your info. I noticed shortly on my ipad that in safari , “zooming in” to deep the process resets to the initial status..
  2. ThP

    Fastnet.nl data

    On https://fastnedcharging.com/nl/locaties The following is shown: Het Lonnekermeer 2× CCS 50 kW 2× CHAdeMO 50 kW 2× AC 43 kW Tesla CHAdeMO adapter abetterrouteplanner shows only 2 stalls of CCS 50 kw charger info. This is what I discovered. Rgds Theo
  3. ThP

    Fastnet.nl data

    My feeling is that fastnet.nl data is not upto date within ABRP
  4. Where are you from? NL What car do you drive? waiting on my Tesla model 3 What's the longest trip you've taken in your EV? not jet 🙂
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