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  1. If they just allowed manual selection on charging rate, that would be much better. Sometime, I want to charge slower while I eat.
  2. Electrify America recently changed the charging cost from a flat $.35/min to a variable from .89 to .21 depending on the car's KW demand. This seemed good, but in actual practice, it has doubled the cost of a typical trip. (Tesla model 3 AWD) Example trip from Dayton Ohio to Mesa AZ using a better route planner is $301 using mostly EA chargers, $64 using Tesla Superchargers and about $150 for gas in a 35 MPG fossil car. The reason is: they lock you into the per minute charge for the whole session based on your car apriori whereas Tesla charge cost is dynamic, that is, based on that you currently draw. (and Tesla's per minute cost is lower) The net result is that EA revised cost structure is more 2-3 times as expensive as their previous flat rate. Comments?

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