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  1. The abillity to set a preffered charge network seems to be missing in the new UI, or have I missed it? That was one of the key features of the old version. Cheers.
  2. SilenceDK

    charging time

    I think you misunderstood the question, still cant get my head around it though. Yes I can add more juice i.e. more charging by changing the the charging time. Charging time just doesnt reflect the planned time anyway. I.e IF I type I want to stop for 30 min. then the plan says 37 min..... I.e. 7 min. more than I plan...
  3. SilenceDK

    charging time

    Hi, encountered a glitch. Might not be bug, maybe more I that doesnt understand the use. When adding a chargepoint as a waypoint and clicking the gear icon, a pop describes the charging option. I have a pre defined time to charge, lets say 30 min. which I enter in "time". (i.e. after 30 mins. i HAVE to leave ...) When I plan the route ABRP still plans the route with a 37 min. stop at the charger. https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=20e79470-4a85-49af-a2a4-afb40eb1652d Is it me that expect the time to be a "max" time to stop, which it isnt? , or how does
  4. Hi, Yes there is. The LR had it from the beginnging, and SR just got it with the latest V.10 update!
  5. Hi, I noticed recently that the operator "Clever.dk" in denmark had the names of most of their chargepoint changed to "Bee". This is incorrect, operator should still be clever.dk Where does ABRP get the operator information from? (it must be some misinformation outside of ABRP) Its not consistent, there is still a few "clever.dk" chargepoints that did not change name. As a customer with clever (which is one of the largest operators in denmark) it really messed up the planning since I cant use as "prefferred" charger as the names arre not consistent.
  6. I did excatly that. I have a model 3 and wife drives an Ioniq 🙂 Thanks for fixing it so fast. Keep up the great work!!!
  7. Description: ABRP cant seem to find a suitable route Link to Plan: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=d17b6e19-ada3-4b95-8f09-f28d1d6147c9 Replication Steps: Selected Ionic 28kwh Plan a route longer that require a charge as seen on screen shots I pass by lots of suitable, and even my preferred charging points
  8. Hi Jason Ok, great, it all makes sense. Keep up the great work 🙂
  9. Ok, thx that makes sense. I gave it a shot by adding the stations manually. I see what you mean by looking for the little yellow star (there just weren't that many clever stations in germany so i hadnt spotted it at first). Thx for the tip I Also found that then I could actually (by pressing the gear icon) manually change the departure Soc to 80% , works just as intended now! The one feature of charging lets say 17% at a charger that charges a one time €17 fee still seems a little annoying though. So suggestion could be a choice between fastest or cheapest route?
  10. SilenceDK


    Hi , New user here and first I would like to say that I absolutely love the planner, by no comparison the best I've tried. And now something that bugs me, and may be a suggestion for future updates. I was planning a real life trip from Denmark down to the south of Germany that I'm gonna make in a few weeks time. The planner does a nice job planning the route, but the choice of charging stations and charging times bugs me. - I have marked the "Clever.dk" network as my prefered chargestations, but most of the time, the planner choose a different one, even though there is a
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