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  1. I did excatly that. I have a model 3 and wife drives an Ioniq 🙂 Thanks for fixing it so fast. Keep up the great work!!!
  2. Description: ABRP cant seem to find a suitable route Link to Plan: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=d17b6e19-ada3-4b95-8f09-f28d1d6147c9 Replication Steps: Selected Ionic 28kwh Plan a route longer that require a charge as seen on screen shots I pass by lots of suitable, and even my preferred charging points
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    Hi Jason Ok, great, it all makes sense. Keep up the great work 🙂
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    Ok, thx that makes sense. I gave it a shot by adding the stations manually. I see what you mean by looking for the little yellow star (there just weren't that many clever stations in germany so i hadnt spotted it at first). Thx for the tip I Also found that then I could actually (by pressing the gear icon) manually change the departure Soc to 80% , works just as intended now! The one feature of charging lets say 17% at a charger that charges a one time €17 fee still seems a little annoying though. So suggestion could be a choice between fastest or cheapest route? /Cheers
  5. SilenceDK


    Hi , New user here and first I would like to say that I absolutely love the planner, by no comparison the best I've tried. And now something that bugs me, and may be a suggestion for future updates. I was planning a real life trip from Denmark down to the south of Germany that I'm gonna make in a few weeks time. The planner does a nice job planning the route, but the choice of charging stations and charging times bugs me. - I have marked the "Clever.dk" network as my prefered chargestations, but most of the time, the planner choose a different one, even though there is a clever.dk charger close by. - sometimes you would have to go 2-3 miles off the freeway to reach it, but that would be ok, since its free - Also It could be nice to have my preffered network always charge up to 80% as an option. I have a flat rate deal with my provider and therefore I would prefer to always "top off" my charging at this station, as I would probably have to pay at the next one. - That also goes for chargers that charge a one time fee for a charging session. It does not make sense NOT to top off the charging once you paid for a session. I'we seen a lot of charging stations where there appear no price listed, but I know for sure that these stations are not free. Where does the price information come from and can I change it if I for sure know the price at a station`? Cheers, and keep up the good work. Nick Kjeldsen Denmark

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