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  1. aste

    Route planning now working

    Tried a few times incognito and after clearing cookies. I seem to be able to plan a route until I login with my abrp credentials. Then planning stops. edit: Found it. When ticking Level 2 under fast charges, planning stops working. Uncheck and the awesome planner starts working again. Bug or feature?
  2. aste

    Route planning now working

    Yes, I clicked the suggestion on both stating point and destination. Even tried a saved route with the same result.
  3. Description: After adding starting point and destination, hitting "plan route" does not do anything. Link to Plan: N/A Replication Steps: Create starting point and destination Hit "Plan route" Enjoy the Nothingness ;) Tried on OnePlus 7 pro on Androind 9 with Chrome and Chromebook with latest ChromeOS 75. Same behavior on both. \\ Andreas

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