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  1. JeffC

    Basic how-to

    I am currently in Halifax Nova Scotia Canada. We travelled from Toronto to Eastern Quebec for 1 night and then continued our journey to Saint John New Brunswick for 2 nights, then to Moncton NB for 1 night. We survived Hurricaine Dorian at our hotel in Halifax Nova Scotia, however we are leaving for Charlottetown Prince Edward Island in the morning. They were hit as well by Dorian. I was unable to reach the hotel, however received confirmation a short time ago that the hotel just had power restored. I will only be charging at the hotel on Ac power as they don't have a level 2. I tried to send the abrp to my Tesla navigation, but it does not work. abrp says I should charge at the last supercharger in Aulac New Brunswick and I should arrive with 70%. I can make it without supercharging but I want to have a buffer as there are no superchargers or level 3's in PEI.
  2. JeffC

    Basic how-to

    I haven’t used it yet as I’m planning on a driving trip in Sep or October. I think the Nav on the M3 would precondition the battery if it requires a stop at a supercharger as part of your route where you are travelling. I have had my M3 for 1 month.
  3. JeffC

    Basic how-to

    Thanks. I will give it a try in the future. I assume you mean from ABRP, sign in to mytesla and share to my M3. Does it just go to my M3 nav?
  4. JeffC

    Basic how-to

    Thanks for the reply. Would I just put the address of the next supercharger in the Nav on the M3 from the ABRP on my phone?
  5. JeffC

    Basic how-to

    Hello. I just joined and wondering if I can use abetterrouteplanner on my Tesla Model 3 SR+ as id does not have a browser? I plan to do a trip from Toronto Canada to possibly Calgary Alberta. Thanks for any input.

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