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  1. Hi Barry and Jason, Thank you taking the time to reply. With Covid and all that I haven't been driving much so haven't used ABRP at all and I am only catching up on my chats now. Thank you for the tip about the classic interface. I find it much easier to use simply because the zoom controls are there. Using the + and - symbols results in a much smoother more enjoyable experience. The zoom symbols are missing on the new interface so I have to use the mouse wheel which just doesn't give the necessary control. Thanks for all the good work, Richard
  2. Hello, I am sorry to say I find the latest version of the UI immensely irritating to use. In particular the zoom function is major irritant jumping around like a mad thing. If I zoom in one notch on my mouse the display jumps in 3 steps, over shooting my desired view. If I zoom out similar things happen resulting in a view showing the south east of England including London when I'm browsing Rotterdam. Very irritating indeed. Kind regards, Richard
  3. Hello, I generally really like your planner, but having just tried the new version over Chrome I am sorry to report I find the new style a massive degradation in usability. In truth I haven't visited your site in a couple of months with Covid and all, so I have missed on on the incremental improvements and was surprised at the new look and feel. Unfortunately I find it a big step backwards. Sorry to have to say that, but true love is hard 😉 Richard
  4. I have the same problem, maps not loading. Seems to be browser agnostic on my windows 10 workstation. Tried it with Edge, Chrome, FF all have the same problem. Interesting.
  5. Raharney

    ABRP 3.8 Release Notes

    How do I get the browser to pull version 3.8? Mine keeps loading 3.7
  6. Interesting. Thanks for posting.
  7. Hmmmm, I’m not seeing those options. Where would I expect to see them?
  8. Indeed :-) I'm based in Europe, so I'm used to the city names being unique.
  9. Sorry about double posting, struggling a little with the editing controls.
  10. I don’t seem to be able to shake off the feeling that I haven’t really understood your question
  11. I suppose you could plan a new route with Philadelphia being the start point with an initial SOC of 45%. <shrug>
  12. Thanks for all the good work.
  13. Hi Jason, Thanks for the quick answer. Ahhh, I thought I was seeing the comments in German because I am resident in Germany. Don't misunderstand me, I am not casting any aspersions on "GoingElectric", I was just surprised to see comments in German about charging points in the north west of the UK. I didn't realise that everyone was seeing them too. R.
  14. Hello everyone, When I use ABRP the charger details are often shown in the German language, even though I’m looking at a charger in the UK. It appears that the charger details are being imported from “goingelectric.de”. Can I not point ABRP to a different database, for example “openchargemap.org”? Is it pointing to “goingelectric.de” because I’m resident in Germany? Thanking you in advance, R
  15. Thanks Jason for the information. I think I have to spend more time playing with the interface, then maybe I wouldn't have to ask so many silly questions ;-) R.
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