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  1. Can you add some detail like: - car - how you capture and upload live data?
  2. BarryH

    OBD Live Data Setup

    a/ the oBD app does not sent signals to the abrp app. either to the webservice of the obd app (eg evnotify) or the webserver of abrp (e.g. abrp transmitter) b/ not sure if the ios app already supports live data. I would first check using the website with the browser on your phone. you should see live data for sure. The only issue with iOS is that the OBD app will only function correctly if it is running in the foreground.
  3. The copy button should work? can you check?
  4. if you select this SC point an click right: do you see a notice like: this point is not used in automatic planning?
  5. I get such error messages if one of the addresses in the route is not recognized. You can check by selecting the address and see if abrp comes up with a suggestion
  6. BarryH

    OBD Live Data Setup

    If you use the website planner, do you then have live data?
  7. Description: I would prefer the "Time to Open Charge Port" to be included in the "charge duration" instead of the "duration" that reflects the driving time Use Case: Currently charging time reflected is lower than actual due to the "startup" time of the process.
  8. BarryH

    OBD Live Data Setup

    Hi, In general: - an app on your phone connects to the ODB dongle and reads out the values -> if this work you will see it in the app. - this app needs to sent the data to the webservice (e.g. web.evnotify.de). If you log on into that service you should be able to see actual data (and historic monitoring) - then the data needs to be sent from this webservice to ABRP (see instructions in the "setup live data" in the website of ABRP (not the app!) see also:
  9. BarryH

    OBD Live Data Setup

    Do you see data on web.evnotify.de?
  10. BarryH

    OBD Live Data Setup

    Which car do you drive?
  11. Hi Axeman, did you test using the "Time to Open Charge Port" setting? e.g. set it to 30 minutes and see what the planner does. I just tested it for my car (Hyundai Ioniq 28kW) and changing the setting from 5 minutes to 40 minutes reduced the number of fastcharging stops from 5 to 3
  12. I resolve this issue by adding a charging location to the route just prior to / after the station you do not want to use. Then replan the route and often the inconvenient charger is dropped from the route In this example you could add Wetzlar to the route
  13. BarryH

    OBD Live Data Setup

    Hi, Torquelite does not upload data. So you need to buy TorquePro. Alternatively you can use evnotify (which is free). also evnotify is easier to install (no difficult stuff with PIDs). You only need to check if evnotify is compatible with your car model.
  14. Hi Abu, is this behavior in the website, the Android app or the iOS app?
  15. BarryH


    Hi Francois, Just look through the settings and additional settings. most of it is selfexplanatory. Do not hesitate to ask a question (after your did some experimentation with the settings 🙂 )

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