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  1. BarryH

    ABRP tutorial

    On the third point: you can include an amenity stop with hotel x hours after start trip with an y hour stay at that location. So start your planning with start - destination and amenity. Then you get your first night stop. you add that ones as a waypoint, etc..
  2. @MojoLA Agree. At the same time it creates already a high systemload (my iphone SE 2016 sometimes overheats) so some optimization would be good.
  3. @MojoLA I notice that it might take 1-2 minutes to update status of the SoC @destination etc. So that might have been the problem?
  4. Description: charge sessions in trip always show 0kWh charged: Type: website Link to Plan:
  5. Not sure what your question is. settings for each way point have quite some options:
  6. @Erathost I'm not sure. I know the following: The link between evnotify and abrp is car specific. So I think you need to create a new evnotify account or ask them for a reset
  7. and delete a car: click on the settings. then you get the menu below with a wastebasket at the bottom right: g
  8. @Erathostthe name i gave (licenseplate). can you clink on the pencil in the square?
  9. @ErathostMy settings look different, so i'm not sure if you are a/ logged in b/ have your car fully specified and the link between evnotify and abrp is car specific.
  10. @ErathostDid you already specify your car in abrp. my settings menu shows Select car model THE NAME OF MY CAR (specified by me) Add my car I do not see the second option in your settings. So you need to specify your car I think. also then create the integration and check on web.evnotify.de if your local data from evnotify is uploaded to the evnotify webservice.
  11. @Burns FisherWhat do you mean by Auto-lock? "Keep display active" in the evnotify settings menu or auto-lock in the iPhone settings? (would be nice if iOS had something to prevent auto lock when Carplay is active..
  12. @Katya-ABRPI was there last week and this charger information from Allego is correct (There might also be a 43kW AC connection, but I'm not sure about that).
  13. @Katya-ABRPHi Katya, is it possible to improve the charger logic. The logic now deletes most chargers on some locations. E.g.: (McDonald's Deventer A1), Deventerweg 121A, 7418 DA Deventer. 3 allego chargers and 1 nuon triple charger and only the nuon triple charger shown https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=d63d7601-49a6-4ae3-91cf-1a5801795b71 on Goingelectric.de: all visible
  14. @Burns FisherLet me know your experience with evnotify and carplay-ABRP in parallel on the same phone. Would make the use of ABRP less complex (I now use an andriod phone with evnotify that uses my iPhone hotspot..)
  15. @Burns Fisher Did you activate the integration in evnotify?
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