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  1. in the app/site there is a Support and feedback button:
  2. you can select the config by going to settings and select your car: click on the "wheel" and you get: here you can select another config by clicking on configuration: Then you close this window and continu your route planning. the car icon shows the selected config: avg consumption is calculated config-specific and continuously updated.
  3. the supported list: https://iternio.com/index.php/iternio-telemetry-api/abrp-obd-connection-for-live-vehicle-data/ but let us know when you are succesful with another dongle
  4. For me it's the same. I use the phone as a second screen, as it shows more detail.
  5. @Burns Fisherapologies. Just meant to write that I seconded your question. I'm also curious and hope this leads to integration of OBD2 dongle readout for live data.
  6. @Coen I always update the route by taking out the point I already visited.
  7. do you see past drives in the drives menu in ABRP? if not my guess would be that you need to check the link between abrp and evnotify
  8. I looked on the evnotify site
  9. I use indeed an android phone to read the obd2. My iphone is only an SE 2016. And when I set this up carplay was not yet supported. Since carplay is supported I learned from other users the setup mentioned above. Did not migrate myself yet
  10. Evnotify works on iPhone. Only be aware that it needs to be in the foreground to keep running. Can be combined with running ABRP on carplay.
  11. BarryH


    @MSzThere is no charging card functionality present. You can prefer or exclude certain charger networks. So you need to manually review if the charge card does not support certain fast charge networks and then exclude those. From which country are you?
  12. ok, so it looks like abrp has forgotten the link. What happens if you follow the instructions for the evnotify integration?
  13. Did you look in settings, then your car - settings wheel and then: followed the live data instructions?
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