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  1. I think it is in the menu wher you specify your car
  2. #kWh you expect to charge
  3. Description: Once I deviate from the planned route the app shuts down Type: app 4.0.24 on android 8.0 Link to Plan: happened with multiple plans 19/10 and 21/10 Replication Steps: start app with a route start live navigation once I deviate from the route the app shuts down
  4. @eyeballs sounds like some cached data or something like that. a bit to techie for me :( @Katya (ABRP)do you know what could help (clear browser cache? delete cookie?)
  5. only in your browser or also in the app?
  6. Could you please try to log out, update app and login again. Do you have the issue in the app as well as the website? does the app have an internet connection?
  7. Did you try to empty your cache? and is this in the browser or app? thx
  8. @anbo: I have live data so I'm not fully sure how it currently functions. It used to be that if you do not have live data you would see a battery icon with a % on the screen, in a corner. that % was calculated based on the routeplan. By tapping on the left side you could amend the SoC to a lower % and by tapping on the right side to a higher % . Which then automatically results in a replan. Is it possible for you to set up a live data feed? This is an large improvement to the userfriendlyness
  9. @anbo: why not update your SoC manually? which you need to do anyway, if you are not using live data If you use live data it planning will update itself
  10. @SuperheroCan you try including a long "fixed charge time to open OCP port". I expect that setting that to 50minutes, the planner will indeed try more efficient routes or using lower speeds
  11. Hi Jon, I have been using evnotify-abrp succesfullly last few months. 1/ do you use an iPhone or Android 2/ if iphone for both evnotify and abrp -> forget it, won't work 3/ does web.evnotify.de show you the live data? if not: issue with evnotify (for example: background mode not enabled) 4/ if live data in web.evnotify.de even when app evnotify in the background for more than 10? minutes-> issue with connection evnotify-> abrp: suggest to try to set the connection again (e.g. create new car in abrp let me know if this helps and your findings ths
  12. Does the calculated reference consumption include a correction for temperature? Mine is now 131Wh/km @110km/hr. Is that at 20 degrees celsius or at the average temperature last few weeks?
  13. @muhmann: did you try with evnotify (setup is easier, if you incl. the advanced setting to: background mode = on, which is in the hidden settings menu, that you can reach by tapping the version number in the rightbelow corner of the normal settings menu multiple times)? On torque: you would also need an Ioniq 38kWh PID i think.
  14. BarryH

    Set home and favorites

    @dpdtexCan you clarify? the last option you mention is already included (if you select a charger near the route and click "+Add waypoint")
  15. @arao99In settings the reference speed is set to 10%. This means that at a 80km/hr road, the planner plans with a speed of 10%*80=8 km/hr:
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