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  1. BarryH

    1,000 km Challenge

    @framerate Seems to be the range. Range is 10km less, so need to charge to higher % and once you go above 78% fastcharging reduces significant speed.
  2. @Marc816 yes, just to see if this resolves your issue on android. if not, I would start to think it has to do with your specific android version. Alternatively it would be nice if you could test on another android device. Just trying to find if the issue is in the ABRP app, the ABRP account, the Android version or the phone. By testing several scenario's we might be able to eliminate options. One other thing: you use evnotify: does it stay active in the background? so you only have a stuck gps position, SoC does function?
  3. ok. which car do you use? If I try to find the logic here there seems to be an issue with android version of the app on your android phone. since: -it is not an issue in general (Since I use abrp on android (8.0) succesfully) - it is not an issue with evnotify + iOS ABRP app Could you create a new profile for yourself (using another mailadress) and see if you still have the issue? if not: it must be something stored in your current profile.
  4. @Marc816 So on your android phone gps is fixed (not updating) and on your daughters iPhone the gps location is continuously updated?
  5. In the logic to clean up the charger list after combining the different datasources, would it be possbile to eliminate the smallest charger setup? this reduces the faulty part of the impact of this clean up Or: leave the chargers in if they are provided by 1 source (in the goingelectric database both charger locations are included. Or: leave the chargers in if they are from different operators (in more and more locations there are chargers of different operators closely co located.
  6. Used carplay today. When ABRP on the carplay screen it is noted on the phone screen. UI on the phone seemed to be frozen at that time?
  7. What is the refresh frequency of the car comparison list? yesterday MG MG5 EV was added to the list of cars, but it is not yet visible in this overview
  8. @Jason (ABRP)the mg5 EV is not visible in the list of selectable cars.
  9. @michel memeteaunope, just post your Qs here.
  10. @Dr DuMont - yes, indeed, there is no manual. and it can be frustrating to find which option to use in what way. Feel free to post specific questions or search previous posts. Small complication is that the app and site still develop quite rapidly, so sometimes solutions change. - ABRP can be used on Android/Windows/iOS. Developers used Android. - the question about the 90%. if you want default 100% SoC, then you can set that in car settings or, if for a single trip, use the settings (radar wheel icon) at the right of the starting point field, to set departure SoC. - the p
  11. yes, you can log in on multiple devices with a premium account (I use 3 devices). Note: your login for this forum is different than the login for the planner / apps
  12. in the detailled settings where you specify your car?
  13. @voneinemIt can take 1-3 days before you get the "update".
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