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  1. did you get a confirmation on the addresses in starting point and destination (often a drop down list)? if not, the planner will not plan
  2. thx. appreciated. now clearly reflects that on long trips de current Ioniq wins, provided there are sufficient fastcharging stations along the route
  3. Please do. It's not likely they made a mistake, since it looks to be close to the Kona 39kWh
  4. yes. existing Ioniq will be faster on the long trips with multiple fast charges
  5. I reduce the consumption by 30% to see this impact. (144 Wh/km @110kw/hr /38 * 28 ) This implicity assumes that the fastcharging will still take the same time from 0-80%, so also 30% faster It's easy to add a bit of time to the fast charging mitigate this impact (e.g. bij comparing fast charging time of a route with the one for normal Ioniq settings
  6. Description: using an Iphone SE to follow a route with the "Real time while driving" window screen, I get the notice to ~"push button to stay on". Tapping this pop up does not result in the screen staying active. It dims after a few minutes and then Iphone goes to the locked mode. The Iphone is connected with a cable to carplay (in an Ioniq EV) How should I tap thus pop up? long (till it disappears) or short?
  7. Hi Heie, You can translate the curve in the following blogpost: from 80km/hr -> 110 km/hr: +38% 80km/hr = 22,22 m/s -> 15-16 kW, while 110km/hr = 30m/s -> 25 kW => 16kWh/80 = 200Wh/km versus 25kWh/110 = 230Wh/km IF you assume weight and drag (~air resistance) change equally by addingthe caravan, you can add 15% (230/200) to the 420 Wh/km Only: 420/200 = + 110% while weight is + 1800 / 2600(?) = +70%. So Drag must be a lot more than +110%, 150%? so: 420Wh/km at 80km/hr -> +15-50%?? -> 480-630 Wh/km at 110km/hr ? Maybe you can plan a trip you already made? I
  8. Description: A list of chargers on the route planned for the next 100km with specified: distance to charger, additional km by using this charger. This to allow you to take the last charger possible and reduce speed if required Use Case: On trips where I need to use a fast charger I want to make an easy choice at the latest moment possible. So I want to select an option in ABRP that shows me the next few fastchargers on / near the route Remember, the more details you can add, the faster we can build out new features!
  9. With "Time to open charge port" you can include some fixed time per charging stop. I have the impression that this time is included in the driving time for the route and not in the charging time (since adding some extra minutes does not influence the charging time, but the driving time. Is this correct and wouldn't it be better to reflect this time in the charging time?
  10. Thanks from a very happy user!
  11. BarryH


    Where are you from? Hilversum, The Netherlands What car do you drive? Hyundai Ioniq EV What's the longest trip you've taken in your EV? ~900 km , to Austria for skiing
  12. starts to feel like The going electric routeplanner. Using a high km/kWh i can plan a route from Austria to the Netherlands. Is there a maximum of charging stops this version can handle?
  13. Some further testing with a austria- germany scenario shows that a 10% charger Arrival charge results in a plan (with 8 charges), and an 11% soc at charger arrival gives plan error ...
  14. Note: planning within Austria also works well

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