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  1. once live plan started the actual battery SoC is visble in the burn down graph and you location is a red arrow on the map
  2. no manual my understanding: dotted line = prognosis blue = the plan green= actual if consumption lower than plan red = actual if consumption higher than plan
  3. hmm, a bit strange, I did similar things and experienced no issue today (plan route, start nav, incl. live data, plan the route again, etc....)
  4. do you have the same issue in normal mode? (not incognito). I just tried and for me it works ( in normal and incognito mode, logged in and not logged in...)
  5. @Gaizkitait only summarizes the fast charging times. Since normally the AC charging is done during sleep, lunch etc on a long trip. including these charging times would impact this usage pattern (e.g. I plan a trip to a skiresort with a stay at a hotel during the trip. Can you tell a bit more about your way of travelling?
  6. look it up on the map, then you see info on the charge point on the left side and then click the "add waypoint" button at the bottom
  7. BarryH

    No map zoom buttons

    @ddaddyand if you use multitouch on your touchpad? and to zoom in doubleclick seems to work
  8. BarryH

    No map zoom buttons

    @daddyYou are right, cannot find them as well. Only I use a touchscreen, so never missed them @Jason (ABRP)adding zoom in/out button seems the thing to do, or is there some hidden functionality I missed?
  9. Description: If live data dataflows stops - clearly indicate this in the screen (b.v. by showing the battery icon) Use Case: Today EVnotify stopped running while using ABRP. As soon as this is the case for 1 minute (of no updated live data received in ABRP_) start showing the battery icon with the up/down edit buttons. And stop showing the green line in the consumption chart. The green line in the consumption chart is only visible is live data is less then 1 minute old or last manual update of battery status is less then 15 minutes old
  10. @NotYetplease use another topic to figure out live data etc. this topic is supposed to be about charging characteristics. Thanks
  11. @notyet: can you get the live data with e.g. Torque Pro? if that is working it should become possible to create a live data interface
  12. Can you upgrade to a newer iOS? and do you have the same issue in safari?
  13. @abrpuserWhich is your iOS/PadOS version? I have 12.4.7, which shows the graph normally.
  14. you are correct (just checked it)
  15. @tcmeyers @Joakimis included in current version (since 4.0.11)

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