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  1. Hi Richard, Could you pls make your feedback a bit more specific? That makes it easier to address the issues Thanks Barry
  2. trail and error is the keyword 🙂
  3. BarryH


    1/ note that on iOS evnotify stops updating quickly after it goes into background. (I - an iPhone user - bought a cheap android phone purely for Evnotify). So Are you sure to be receiving live data while ABRP is active?
  4. dataflow between torque and abrp goes through webservices so is independent of devices. So you can use multiple devices
  5. BarryH

    Problem no péage

    Hi Npir, I do not think this is a bug. The feature acts as the option suggests. You could argue that a refinement would be helpful (prevent tolgates if possible), but that would be a new feature. If you feel that is helpful. pls post it as a feature request with a detailled description of the requested behavior (when to include a tolgate and when not) Thanks Barry
  6. @Ou Boet If you go to settings and you scroll down to the bottom you see a version number on the right side If you tap multiple times on that version number (at least on an Android phone) you enter an advanced settings menu (you get a message flash: "Welcome to the Dark mode"). In this menu a setting "BACKGROUND_MODE" needs to be activated.
  7. Hi, pls specify this into a feature request. Thanks
  8. @Ou Boet The first step is to identify if the issue is in/around EVnotify or ABRP: It looks like EVnotify stops running if it goes into the background. Did you activate the "run in background" setting in EV notify (i think it is in the hidden menu?) And if you use web.evnotify.de do you then see updated info or is also there the datatransfer stopped? thanks
  9. Can you please empty the browser cache and try again? thx
  10. Could you please empty the cache of the browser (should be possible for abrp only) and retry? Other users have had "strange" errors which were addressed by emptying the cache Thanks Barry
  11. @Drbubba1995 This bug report is very difficult to do follow up on. Can you fill in the details below for the issue you have with adding the tesla charger? Then we can do some investigating thanks Barry Description: Replace this text with a detailed description of your bug. Type: Was this on the App (please note what version), or webpage (which link?) Link to Plan: If the bug is in finding a route, please copy the plan link here (found under "Share"). Replication Steps: Replication Steps If applicable Remember, the more detail you can provide in your bug report, the faster we can fix it!
  12. I use a vgate bluetooth adapter. Note: be aware that in iOS the connection to the obd adapter only stays live as long as the data retrieving app is in the foreground
  13. @Big Ken I'm not sure if IE is supported. I just tested on IE and i do indeed get a white screen. Microsoft has discontinued it (but it is still around for all kinds of legacy systems). Do you have the same issue in firefox or Edge? I do not have an iOS/iPad device on 10.3...., so cannot test that scenario. I tried just now and for me all works fine. Do you still have the issue if you retest after rebooting the ipad/iphone?
  14. Go to settings, then Battery and Chargers. There you can set charger arrival charge and minimum destination charge
  15. BarryH


    Can you try to delete and reinstall the app? and which iPhone / iOS are you using? thanks

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