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  1. This is very interesting...but has anyone from the UK tried to access the API? The URL mentioned on the link above is for a myAudi account registered in Germany, I have tried various permutations such as msg.audi.com or msg.audi.co.uk, plus changed the "DE" to "GB" or "UK" but I simply get an "unsupported_grant_type" error. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated! Marc
  2. No, you are right there are plenty out there. I am just learning the ropes; you have more “unique” things to focus on! marc
  3. Ah, ok i already did that. Some guy arguing with me that the charge station that is behind usually closed, automatic gates at the Fernmeldeturm is actually freely available 24x7, although he just appeared to agree that it currently isn’t. It was a pain in the neck to drive into the centre of Bremen and not be able to find the station and wanted to let you know that it probably shouldn’t appear on a planner....
  4. Hi, where to post information about charging stations that aren’t working or are impossible to find? Just completed half of a long road trip from the UK to northern Denmark in an e-Tron and one station on the ABRP plan in Bremen should probably be excluded... Marc
  5. Marc


    Hi Marc here, from the UK but please don't hold that against me, I am not one of "that" kind of little Engländer! We took ownership of an eTron a couple of weeks ago and, foolishly some say, we are shortly to embark on a roadtrip to north Jutland to visit the in-laws. Needless to say there is some trepidation and a not inconsiderable amount of planning going on! I am very pleased to have found this site, now all I need to do is to work out how to use it in car..... I will attempt to document the trip, warts and all, and post anything interesting on the forum.
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